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  • Chronicle: A promotion...

    Good sers and seras of the castle,

    In humble hopes to be of assistance to the castle
    and in accordance to the my duties as a Chronicler,
    I respectfully scribe the promotion of another fine
    denizen to into the ranks of the Chroniclers.

    With the power vested in me by the Lord Chamberlain,
    with the deepest respect for his station and authority
    in this castle, it is with great pleasure and joy that I name
    sera Sorcha to be Junior Chronicler. I hope that you will join
    me in welcoming her into the ranks of the Chroniclers.

    In service of the Lord Chamberlain,
    Ser Angron Drakefyre
    Chronicler of the Court
    Never was, and never shall be.

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    Though I am not a chronicler I welcome her indeed, and am quite proud! I am so glad your hard work has paid off, Junior Chronicler Sorcha, you do wonderful work.

    -Sera Myrth


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      sera Sorcha,
      I am heartily glad of this news. I congratulate you and take pride in the efforts you, my friend, have made.
      I should just add, that I knew in my heart your efforts would be rewarded, as a fine and honourable friend and chronicler.

      Sorchaa Ame-du'Challis


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        Esteemed Junior Chronicler Sorcha,

        It is with great pride and admiration that I congratulate you. Being a Chronicler is a weary, but rewarding path and you are very talented and will continue to be an asset to the Chroniclers. A toast in your honor, Junior Chronicler. I wish you all the best.

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          Talent & Dedication Recognized & Rewarded

          Congratulations to Junior Chronicler Sorcha!

          Mayest thou serve Clio, Muse of History, with ink of black in plentitude, for thou already hast all else: heart of dedication, mind of keen wit, and ready eye and honest ear for to capture all matters topical and of import.

          -Acolyte Gareth.
          ~ Gareth Beaumains ~

          ~ For Love! For Valour!
          ~ For Honour! For Glory!
          ~ Onwards to Adventure!


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            Congratulations, my aspirant. I have every confidence in you that you will go far. You have the talent, the drive and the ability. Welcome to the ranks of the Junior Chroniclers!

            Ximena Rose
            Scribe and Accountant of the Exchequer


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              Dearest Friends and Gentels;

              Grammercy to all of ye who have been so thoughtful and kind to make note and have made me feel much welcomed in this great honor. It is my only wish to serve all to the best of my efforts, and if I can be of such service in any way, ye have only to ask it of me.
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