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  • Courtship announcement

    Good Denizens,

    It is with great pleasure I announce the formal courtship between myself and my beautiful sera Esther.

    We enter this new stage of our relationship with love and excitement, looking forward to furthering our commitment to each other.

    With love to my Esther

    Heratio LeBreton (a single red heart is drawn beside the name)

    p.s We give thanks in advance to well wishers.

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    Congratulations dear Esther, I am so happy for you! May your love grow as time passes.


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      A most heartfelt congratulations to both of ye, Heratio and Esther! May the both of ye find happiness in each other for many moons to come.
      Trystan Adaire


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        I want to congratulate you both and wish you much happiness.
        Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court


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          Sera Esther and Ser Heratio,

          My sincerest well-wishes on the newest stage in your relationship. I care a great deal for you both and I cannot wait to congratulate you both in person.

          All my love,


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            Congratulations to you both. I wish you lifetimes of happiness and love.

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              Fraternal Blessings

              My sister's joy I ever wish
              And this to her seems pleasing dish
              Of fare most felicitous and fond
              Nourishing to her, such deeper bond

              May thee two go henceforth united
              Now thy love hath been full requited
              May thee two find happiness and bliss
              Therefore, sister, my blessing kiss

              ~ Gareth Beaumains ~

              ~ For Love! For Valour!
              ~ For Honour! For Glory!
              ~ Onwards to Adventure!


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                Congratulations for your good fortune.

                My love and happiness surround you forever.

                Tristana B.C
                Mistress Tristana

                Member of Her Majesty's Court
                Secretary for His Highness, Prince Bertram
                Aide for the Healers
                Patron of the Embinders
                Scribe of the Chambers


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                  Congradulations to both of you.
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