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Chronicle : The Attack on Watchman Harabec and Sera Miriam

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  • Chronicle : The Attack on Watchman Harabec and Sera Miriam

    Good Denizens of Castle Marrach;

    In obedience to the will of the Court Chronicler Angron, and with only the humblest hopes to only prove of assistance to the esteemed denizens of Marrach, I herewith scribe an occurrence that took place on Sunday past at approximately the 6th bell in the 2nd floor hall regarding an attack upon Watchman Harabec and sera Miriam by an unknown assailant.

    Sera Miriam and Watchman Harabec were purportedly discoursing when they caught glimpse of an acquaintance of theirs. Upon attempts to speak further with their friend, Watchman Harabec was struck unconscious by an unknown assailant. Sera Miriam could remember nothing other than Watchman Harabec's collapse and a sword coming upon her. It is believed at that point she was also rendered unconscious. A longsword was found lying near the two and immediately delivered to the watch. The longsword hath since been identified as belonging to Watchman Harabec.

    Both the Watchman Harabec and sera Miriam were attended to thusly by Apprentice Anabeth at the scene. Watchman Harabec didst suffer injury to his head, and at this writing is recovering well. Sera Miriam didst suffered injury to her head and as well hath lost the mobility of her right arm from a serious gash. It is undetermined whether her state is a temporary one.

    In addition, although sera Miriam believes she might have caught glimpse of the attacker, she wort unable to identify or provide a detailed description as such. No motive hath been offered as to the reason for the attack. Neither Watchman Harabec nor sera Miriam were missing any belongings from their persons.

    As of the reporting of this event, the assailant remains unknown and at large.

    In addition, this sera begs forgiveness for any error in this missive regarding this incident, and asks only to be informed of such so that they may be duly corrected.

    In service of the Chronicler Angron,

    Sorcha Du Dínan
    Junior Chronicler

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