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Chronicle : Arrest Made Regarding The Incident of the Watch

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  • Chronicle : Arrest Made Regarding The Incident of the Watch

    Good Denizens of Marrach;

    In obedience to the will of the Court Chronicler Angron, and with only the humblest hopes to only prove of assistance to the esteemed denizens of Marrach, I herewith scribe an arrest that took place even last with regards to the slaying of the watch members in the tunnels.

    Deputy Faruq reports that he was about to patrol the tunnels with others to seek out the murder suspects in question whom had been spotted earlier in the day. Determining that there were adequate searchers, he then returned to the Courtyard of the Outer Bailey when he happened upon sera Tialin. Deputy Faruq immediately apprehended her and after a discussion with the Lord Chamberlain, did escort her to the dungeon and locked her in a prison cell rather than the customary holding cell.

    Later reports in the eve were made to this chronicler regarding the sera again wandering about. It is known that she would not have been released so readily, but unclear as to whether she indeed escaped or has been thusly returned to her cell.

    In addition, this sera begs forgiveness for any error in this missive regarding this incident, and asks only to be informed of such so that they may be duly corrected.

    In service of the Chronicler Angron,

    Sorcha Du Dínan
    Junior Chronicler

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