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  • Emergency Meeting

    Emergency Meeting

    Members of the Royal Collegium
    Denizens who can be spared from the battle and wish to offer ideas for the sealing of the crack.
    Any who specialize in masonry or engineering.

    Ten late bells, 6th day, 11th moon

    Outer Bailey Lecture Hall

    We HAVE to DO something about the crack now. We have to make a plan and move forward with it NOW. The brave defenders of the castle are wounded and some have died, we must prevent more casualties.

    We're going to submit ideas for a permanent solution to the sealing of the crack. We will then send scrolls, beg audiences, bang on doors, whatever we have to do to get something done. We will make a plan and put it into action.

    This will be an ordered meeting. Arrive on time or knock on the door to be let in. Speak when gestured too. We have to maintain order and not bicker so we can get things done.

    Mena Witherspoon
    Student of Law, Royal Collegium

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    Plan to fix courtyard:

    1. Replace timbers
    2. Fill the chamber below the crack with gravel
    3. Inch timbers aside while applying a tar, gravel, and sawdust mixture
    4. When crack is covered with tar mixture, apply new flagstones to cover the entire crack as well as a foot on either side
    5. Apply a mortar and smooth the surface of the seal
    6. Have Sorcerers apply a magical seal to the crack

    Supplies Needed and How to Attain them:

    1. Tar- 100 pounds- Inner Storerooms
    2. Gravel- 400 pounds- Inner Storerooms
    3. Sawdust- 100 pounds- Carpenters
    4. Flagstones- Several one foot by three foot tiles- Inner Storerooms
    5. Mortar- 100 pounds- Inner Storerooms
    6. Cauldron- Lady Hieronyma
    7. Spades, several- Lady Hieronyma
    8. Heavy gloves, several pair- Seamstresses
    9. Timbers, eight- Carpenters
    10. Face scarves, several- Seamstresses
    11. Firewood- Carpenters
    12. Hammers to fix flagstones in place- Carpenters

    To Do List:

    1. Get timbers from Carpenters and replace the old ones on the crack
    2. Have scarves and gloves made by the Seamstresses
    3. Collect spades and cauldron from Lady Hieronyma
    4. Meet with Lord Launfal to secure supplies from the Inner Storerooms
    5. Attain firewood and hammers and sawdust from Carpenters
    6. Mix the supplies in the heated cauldron
    7. Fill in the chamber below the crack slowly
    8. Have a group begin to apply the mixture to the crack with the spades
    9. Seal the crack
    10. Cover the crack with flagstones
    11. Mortar the flagstones into place
    12. Return any supplies as is possible
    13. Have Sorcerers magically seal the crack

    Task Force:
    1. Someone to meet with Lord Launfal
    2. Someone to meet with Seamstresses
    3. Someone to meet with Carpenters
    * Master Taralyn has agreed to supply us with what we need for the project.
    4. Someone to meet with Lady Hieronyma
    * Lady Hieronyma has agreed to supply us with what we need for the project.
    5. Someone to meet with Sorcerers
    6. Volunteers to carry supplies
    7. Volunteer to tend the cauldron
    8. Volunteers to seal crack
    9. Steady force of defenders to guard just in case

    This is a working plan as of now. Volunteers or suggestions, seek me out. I will post updates here.

    Note: The above plan has been amended to reflect ser Gareth's suggestions below. With the aid of the Sorcerers and a magical seal on the finished work, we should not have to worry about a future sinkhole.

    Mena Witherspoon
    Student of Law, Royal Collegium
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      While it seems sufficient for now, I am concerned the proposed patch of the crack, without an underlying new slab structure, might create a sinkhole in due time, perhaps a year or so from now, especially if the flagstones were simply laid down like cobbles over the crack without a new solid stone slab foundation to overlay the crack.

      The tar and gravel mixture might trap seeping water under the flagstones, which, when froze, might crack the cobbles and open the rift again in time. Or, it might leak, and cause erosion of the underlying chamber -- forming the basis of an extremely large sinkhole.

      Hence the suggested plan I offered.

      While it might require greater materiel, and would require actual civil engineering, as opposed to basic labor, my proposal would provide a more permanent and solid solution.

      I post it here for the review of others:

      To properly repair the damage of the recent earthquake, we should:

      1) Fill in the chamber below with rough stone and gravel to provide support, block up the entrances from below, but also allow drainage and prevent water leakage from building up and creating a sinkhole below the courtyard. Put heavier stones on top to quicken the settling of the stone and gravel below. This would also prevent the rats from getting through for the nonce while repairs were made above.

      2) Tear up the flagstones of the courtyard to reveal the crack and the foundation of the courtyard thoroughly.

      3) Chisel out appropriate grooves and fittings for new flat stone slabs in the courtyard's underlying foundation.

      4) Lay down stone slabs of about a half-foot thickness or more over the crack, ensuring that the crack was covered for about six feet upon either side.

      5) Reflag the courtyard upon this new supporting stonework.

      I do not wish to bar the current proposal, for it would likely work in the immediate term. However, I cannot emphasize strongly enough the long-term consequences of such a repair without a more permanent plan in mind.
      ~ Gareth Beaumains ~

      ~ For Love! For Valour!
      ~ For Honour! For Glory!
      ~ Onwards to Adventure!


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        I suspect that once we plug the hole, and the rats settle down a bit, we can do something more long term.


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          I hope that in the rush of expedience that aesthetics are not neglected, I should hate for there to be a grand scar across the face of such a fine courtyard.

          -- Corian
          Corian Elswyth

          Valet to the Prince of Marrach
          Royal Player, Principal
          Master Engraver
          Student of the Royal Collegium, Arts


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            Might I suggest, instead of face scarfs, why not use surgical mask. You can get those from the seamstresses as well. They might work better.
            Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court


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              Another ideal would be to make sure there is no other way for the Rats to enter the Castle. Which would mean an examination of the Under Bailey.

              This would also benift the plan proposed by Ser Gareth, for instead of possibly lowering people down into the Crack to shore up any repair work, the foundation for such work can be started from any Under Bailey access upward.

              We have wooden timbers, but, what of gravel, tar, and other materials? It would be best to have all materials nessicarry at hand before beginning such a endevor.

              Ser Jayland Day
              Dedicated Carpenter.


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                Dear Guests,
                I'm happy to report that we have recieved twelve spades and a copper cauldron from Lady Hieronyma for the project. These items are on loan, so we must ensure that they are taken care of and cleaned up properly.

                My sincere thanks to Lady Hieronyma for her gracious aid.



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                  Ser Trisan has the cauldron and the spades and will assign a team to seal the crack.

                  Acolyte Finna is going to seek out gloves and the masks for the project.

                  Sera Dalla is going to coordinate getting the supplies from the carpenters.

                  It has come to my attention that a magical seal for the crack is not an option, so we will put faith in the stonework and masonry that the team seals the crack with and hope that it will be enough.

                  I am going to attend the Lord Chamberlain's office bells tomorrow at ten late bells to present our plans and ask about the supplies that we can get from the Inner Storerooms. Any who wish to accompany me, meet me in the Outer Bailey Courtyard at nine and a half late bells.

                  We will need volunteers to help lug around the supplies. If you want to volunteer for this send me a scroll or approach me or be ready in the courtyard.

                  I'm not sure when we will have all of the supplies or when we will start the sealing process, but I will post here and make announcements and all that.

                  We will need plenty of defenders in the courtyard during the sealing, ofcourse, but there seems to be no shortage of tireless, brave souls to do this!

                  We are making progress!

                  Mena Witherspoon