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The Battle Guild Repechage Tournament

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  • The Battle Guild Repechage Tournament

    Repechage (REP-eh-shazh) - A tournament format that allows fencers who lose a direct elimination bout to continue through a table of other losers in order to get back into the winner's bracket.(From the French for "This is your last chance, don't blow it!")

    The Battle Guild proudly presents a fencing (practice swords) tourney that is open to all denizens of the Outer Bailey. There will be some fine prizes awaiting those whom come in first, second and third; as well as the prestige which may come in placing in such an event. To my knowledge, this is but the second event of it's kind to be held in the Outer Bailey. So, please join us in making it an unforgettable evening, either as a participant or a spectator. If you wish to sign-up, please do so (ONLY) by stating your intent to compete on the public board under this post. Please do so with posthaste, for the cut-off date will be a week before the event or once the slots have been filled, whichever occurs first. Thus, signing up here does not insure thee of entry, but entries will be accepted in the order they are received. Match your skill with the Sword against some of the best duellists in the Outer Bailey. Sign-up now!

    (October the 23rd, Tuesday, Seven Bells, Practice Room)

    Love is the business of the idle,
    but the idleness of the busy.

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    I would gladly participate in this event.

    Sera Ethra


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      I am very enthusiastic about particpating in this tournament...please sign me up.

      Watchwoman Rogra
      Rogra Beaumains


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        Ahh...I'm glad someone else has taken this up...I found myself far too distracted to concentrate on my own.
        I do place myself upon thy list and look foward to this test of arms.



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          Please sign one more up for your tournament.

          Strength to your quests,

          Acolyte Duren


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            I wish to participate as well.

            The yoke or the throne?


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              Please add me to the list of participants.

              --Watchman Jarrod
              Valet to the Consort


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                I hearby proffer my name into the lists of those that shall assay their prowess at arms.

                -Acolyte Gareth of the Royal Chapel.
                ~ Gareth Beaumains ~

                ~ For Love! For Valour!
                ~ For Honour! For Glory!
                ~ Onwards to Adventure!


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                  ~Aye, please add my Name as well Elder Scaramouche...~
                  Poking my VooDoo Doll Viciously!


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                    I would much like to participate in this challenge as well Elder Scaramouche... by then your teachings will have brought us a little closer to being worthy enough duel against the fine swordsmanship that will be present at such an event. I look forward to the challenge win or lose...

                    Sera Nade
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                    ~~ Sera Nade ~~
                    ~ Battler ~


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                      It would be an honor to participate in such an event. Count me in!



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                        I would like to enter your tourny as well. I encourage all students of the blade and all Questers to enter this tourny to show your skill to the Outter Bailey.

                        -President of the Quest, Watchman Harabec
                        OOC -- Euphelia says, "Stupid fat cat got tangled in cords and dragged my craptop across the room "


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                          I would be honored to be allowed to participate in this Tournament.
                          Vaden Amberthorn, Guild Leader of the Rememberers and Duelist.


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                            I will enter as well.
                            Strength to your sword arm.
                            Watchwoman Judith
                            "I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings"
                            ~ Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers


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                              You know me too well

                              I would very graciously like to enter this tournament. I hope we can all have a great amount of fun.

                              Watchman Arikon~
                              ~For the Glory and Honor of our Queen~