Co-Lo Stability Problems

Unfortunately, our co-lo had some stability problems Friday morning.

First up, they lost all of their connectivity to the facility that holds all of our games. This took them about 40 minutes to diagnose and a bit longer to restore.

Much more astonishingly, they rebooted all of their machines (which means all of our machines) while they were fixing the problem, with no notice. This probably had minimal repercussions on the SkotOS games (Marrach, Ironclaw, Lazarus, and Lovecraft). There may have been a rollback of an hour or two.

TEC and Grendel's Revenge are more troublesome. TEC will suffer a rollback of 10 hours, to midnight (PT) last night, since the unannounced reboot happened one hour before the next backups. GR suffered a more complete failure. We're being forced to restore the entire machine from its backups, then we'll need to restore the game from the backups stored within that backup. The lineup of dates look promising (which is how we laid them out, 'lo these many years ago), so the hope is that we'll only suffer a 7 hour rollback, to the 3am (PT) game backup, but it's a bit dicey at the moment.

Apologies for the inconvenience; we're now making sure everything is stable, and we're looking into whether our most recent upgrades to TEC will support increasing the backups to every 6 hours.

Edit: The GR problem is proving even more intractable than hoped. As best I can tell, our colo is still having some issues because I can't boot the first restore I made of GR and I can't build a new node either. I expect this will just clear when they get their act together, but in the meantime I'm not able to get GR back online until they fix these problems.
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A heartfelt thanks.

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  • A heartfelt thanks.

    My name is Adahn, and i would like to extend a thank you to someone who helped me get my bearings in this lovely castle, and share with me her enchanting company. For nearly seven days i wandered the castle, getting passing nods from many, listening to idle chatter, but not feeling any connection to anyone or anything here.

    Then this past eve, i met with a group of people to play a game, Rosalind lead the activity.. But as people dwindled away, it came down to me and one other lovely sera..

    That brief while I was blessed to be able to spend with her, she opened my eyes to a magic i had not noticed in this Castle, her eyes sparkle cool blue, like the gentle skies after a snow, her smile warms the heart to rival the fire in the hearth we sat in front of...

    She made for me my clothing as well, finely crafted, and suited to my appearance.. her expert hands working magnificently and skillfully.

    Her kindness, and tender nature are a credit to all of you and to our home.

    Aurelia, I think you for being so kind to me, and so patient..

    I will never forget it.

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    (ooc: wow. check it out. found adahn's first post ever. 13.5 years ago, on account name I'll never remember the password for, and that email address for it was hacked several years ago by WoW gold farmers. I wonder if there's an alternate way to get the password reset? probably some really old messages left on it. )


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      (OoC: Reading "Rosalind" brought back a lot of old memories to me...)


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        (ooc: I have an old account from 2000. I've enquired about getting the password reset because I can't remember it. Was told it's not possible.)


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          (ooc: Looks like you'll have to post a lot to catch up to the old account )