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A sighting in the dining hall

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  • A sighting in the dining hall

    I am no chronicler, and would not fain replace any of their most august number, but only wish to briefly report an unusual sighting, early this very morn, the sixth day of the twelth month in the hopes that this observation may prove of value to those more knowledgeable of such mysteries...

    As I was sitting in the dining hall, admittedly after a fair amount of mead had been consumed, in lively conversation with the most gracious sera Grainne and the inquisitive ser Edvard, who by the way was also in conversation with his cider goblet, name of Bob, suddenly then, without warning a most strange apparition did appear...

    It was as though the shadows came together to form a skipping girl... most strange ... she carried a shadowy tome and did with no further activity disappear through the north wall.

    I admit this apparation did bring to mind earlier rumors about a daughter of shadows... and mention of Morte... but no harm came to us this night.

    This happened somewhere around about midnight, I should say, so mayhaps further investigation at that late hour may prove of value, I cannot say, only a suggestion...

    As a postscript, the kind ser Edvard did gallanty agree with my suggestion that the fair sera Grainne not be left unattended to walk the cold hallways dark with their shadows. For this I humbly thank the good ser, and congratulate him.

    By my hand, this early morn,
    Ser Avocet
    Poet and Chief Chanter of the Meditative Minions

    Edward Van Avocet

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    Sera Miriam reported to me just this morning that she was with a friend in the eastern stroage off of kitchen....and she and her friend had the most strange thing happen to them too.
    She said, that it sounded as if someone had walked up to her and then stopped in front of her....she felt the hairs on her neck raise...for there was no one there....he friend also heard this. This is strange indeed, but not unusal for the castle.
    Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court


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      I do believe that limiting ones alcohol intake, may help in putting a end to seeing strange things........and there is no need to alarm others and bring panic and chaos to the castle. Drink water......very good for the body and miind. A clear mind and a calm tongue will take you much farther, then a mind and tongue wagging with gossip and exagerated by drink.


      ( and I would suggest to stay out of the storage and other such places ,isn't that what your room is for?)

      Honored Guest


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        You're so willing to write off all this on alcohol? Twere you the witness would we write it off on your confusion to your previous death? I think decisions on mysteries such as these are best left to the watch and the keepers of the unvieled, not stedents of a craft that involves the the very physical and living.

        *A careless scrawl of a signature is left at the bottom of the page*


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          ~~~ written in a hesitant hand ~~~

          Do not be so willing to chalk this up to the excesses of drink... I heard ghostly moans in the eastern section of the dining hall and had nothing stronger to drink than juice...



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            I did sighted a woman with a frightful face running through the south wall and disappeared through the north wall at the pantry. It looks like she was in trouble and then suddenly a man carrying a dagger appeared after she went through the north wall.

            And take note I wasn't drunk or drinking anything.I was talking to ser Jonas and *poof* I did saw a ghost!



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              Indeed, I too had a strange experience in the Dining Hall only a few hours earlier.........

              I sat speaking to Ser Ikaika when , of a sudden, a 'hiss' started from the shadowy corners of the room and spread through the Hall.

              If not for the fact that the Seras Topaz and Catt heard it also along with Ser Ikaika , I might have thought myself to have imagined it. Instead, I find myself listening for it again.....



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                I was there and saw how much mead the ser who made this post had drank, and I would find his account hard to believe based upon that. I am not at all saying that these things can not happen, I have seen and experienced many strange and frightening things, and yes, it needs to be left to those that are to handle such things, and should not , in my opinon , be put up on the public boards to cause fear and panic.


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                  For the Record:

                  As Chronicler of the Court, I can attest to the possession of documented occurences of the shadow-like apparitions appearing as of late and with increasing frequency since the ritual of the Shadowcloak occurred. It is not officially known whether such things bear any relationship to the other, however.

                  While the Chroniclers have no formal stand on alcoholic drink (other than that which falls within the realm of courtesy and propriety, and with regards to any such provisions as stated in Her Majesty's Capitulary), let it be known that many recorded statements by witnesses do indeed attest to the appearance of said phenomenon, with no drink having been partaken of whatsoever.

                  In the future, ser Avocet, please perform thy good duty as Her Majesty's Servant by contacting a Chronicler directly for official scribing and documentation of any extraordinary event so that the proper channels might be followed and extensive interviews made.

                  In humble service,

                  Sorcha Du D'nan
                  Chronicler of the Court
                  The yoke or the throne?


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                    In a delicate spiky script

                    I, too heard the strange moan coming from the corners of the room, yestereve. And I had had nothing stronger than cider, which as all know is merely apple juice with spices. (Be it said to those who know that nutmeg has hallucinogenic properties that the amount of nutmeg required to produce such effects is far beyond the amount the cooks use here.)

                    I searched, along with sera Mena, for some time seeking the hole where the mischievious person was hidden (for I confess to very little belief in spirits, but think rather someone is playing a prank) to no avail.

                    I would be happy to speak to anyone who wishes more details, although here I have given all I know.

                    In fidelity to reason,

                    Would you believe that we were method roleplayers roleplaying power-crazed adolescents roleplaying cyborgs?


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                      I, too heard the strange moan coming from the corners of the room, yestereve. And I had had nothing stronger than cider, which as all know is merely apple juice with spices. (Be it said to those who know that nutmeg has hallucinogenic properties that the amount of nutmeg required to produce such effects is far beyond the amount the cooks use here.)
                      Just do you know, the cider here is actally a little hard, or in other words does have alcohal in it.


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                        While such matters deserve attentiveness, do they also deserve, one one extreme -- panic -- and on the other -- dismissal?

                        Early in my awakening, I saw a dark shapeless shadow in the courtyard. Loudly raised were the cry and worry. Yet the spirit left without causing much disturbance else. Other times, strange spirits caused possessions or curses, leading to the harm and death of denizens.

                        Just as with mortals, and in the nature of all souls, some spirits are malevolent, some benevolent, some capricious and so on.

                        There is something potentially new to be learned to each instance. Whether sightings of shadows, or bumps-in-the-night wrought by unseen forces, each of these may be understood, or may remain mysteries for centuries to come.

                        There are ghosts, shadows, spirits and forces in this castle far beyond the mundane senses' comprehensions. And yet, in a castle where even the stone contains enchantment, is this anything but the expected condition?

                        The Keepers of the Unveiled were granted charter by Her Majesty's government to investigate such supernatural occurances.
                        Now that there seem to be a rise in the number of such occurances, might there be a reflexive rise in this Guild's membership and activities?

                        In hopeful consideration and speculation,

                        ~ Gareth Beaumains ~

                        ~ For Love! For Valour!
                        ~ For Honour! For Glory!
                        ~ Onwards to Adventure!


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                          Sorcery, the Faith, now the Keepers? Ah too bad there is no guild which has been chartered for a decade whose soul purpose it is to learn about the past and discover what a soule has left unfinished. For I am sure these apperations are not attempting to tell us anything about why they are still bound to this world. So turn to magics, Natura Balanus, Corbin, or perhaps the Chroniclers.

                          I would like to add that the Remeberers Society has no way of speaking to these spirits, in case you have heard otherwise. We would certainly not be learning everything we could from them about what they know and have learned of this castle.



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                            This morning, at precisely nine bells I was in the dining hall, writing in a book about the sword when, once again, the shadows melded into a figure of a female child, tightly grasping a tome, of sorts. She skipped through the hall and vanished into the north wall. If I am not mistaken, this is tee exact same thing that happened to ser Avocet and the others... Quite odd...

                            And I have only had but two sips from my port.


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                              Investigating supernatural events, beings, and lore

                              As this falls under the guidelines of our charter, I humbly step forward as a member of the Unveiled and offer a suggestion as well as some advice.

                              I humbly request that individuals who have seen these events contact me by missive so that we might be able to catalog the event accordingly, and perhaps begin an investigation to identify what is required by these apparations.

                              In the course of my time here in these walls, usually the apparations tend to require something, or offer perhaps answers that guests of the Outer Bailey are in search of. This was the case of the manshadow in the practice hall during the investigation of Roland's Murder. These events related here may be some clue to something that is either about to happen, or has transpired recently.

                              In order for the Unveiled to properly begin our investigation, we must meet with the individuals who witnessed the events. Currently I am requesting anyone who witness these events, send me a missive on the times that they might be available to speak of what they saw.

                              If you are unalbe to meet with me, you may also be certain to seek one of the individuals mentioned on the attached Document. I hope that each of the witnesses shall step forward on their own, but intend to contact individuals mentioned on this public bulliten beginning on Monday of next week.

                              Faer Oba'
                              Guardian Keeper of the Unveiled
                              This Section is entirely OOC:
                              If you obey all of the rules, you miss all of the fun. ~ Katherine Hepburn
                              "Wise sayings often fall on barren ground; but a kind word is never thrown away." ~ Sir Arthur Helps.
                              "Boredom is the fear of self." ~ Comtesse Diane
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