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    On the evening of the 23nd day of this Eighth moon at 8 Late Bells, I shall undergo surgery in an attempt to correct what has become a condition so painful that I cannot continue my duties. In my absence, matters of import that pertain to the Inquisition may be redirected to Sir Viceran, or Inquisitor Lasaine.

    Unfortunately, none are permitted in the hospital during the procedure. However, I look forward to familiar faces during my recovery. It should be noted that I will look with favor upon all who bring honey cake to my bedside during my time of recooperation.

    Although I am not a member of the Faith, I appreciate the prayers of those who believe in such, and the thoughts of those who care. I anticipate about a week-long recovery after which I shall resume my duties.

    Until we may meet again.

    In Service to the Crown,
    Marcellius Potere
    Royal Inquisitor-Major
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    Good luck Major and I do pray all turns out for you. I will diffently bring you planty of Honey cakes.
    Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court


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      Blessings upon you, Major. Whilst I am regrettably short on honey cakes, prayers will be plentiful.

      Sincere Regards,
      Camellia Vh'andant


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        Best of luck with your upcoming surgery, and I hope you'll make sure you rest as much as you need before you try to be up and about again. You'll be in my thoughts.

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          The Good Major's surgery will be on the 23rd starting at eight late bells or soon
          after. I humbly request that during this time no one knocks or disturbs the hospital
          as this is a delicate surgery and we wish no interruptions.

          When we have finished, all concerned party's who may wish to wait outside the
          hospital will be informed of the Major's condition.

          I expect him to do well and make a full recovery.



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            You have good wishes a-plenty, Major, and shall have honey-cakes besides. I will write limericks for you.


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              Marcellius' sugery went well, without complications, and he is currently resting in the Hospital.

              Visitors will be accepted tomorrow evening.



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                I am glad he is doing well, I hope to see him tomarrow.

                - Luthar

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