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Attention All Healers!

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  • Attention All Healers!

    This morn Sergeant Cordon encountered sera Qdee and was seriously
    injured. Sera Qdee was also injured and may be seeking treatment.
    Once again, do not venture in the Outer alone and take all precautions
    to remain safe.

    ~ In Service~

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    Also that same evening I observed a towering cloaked figure of a man walk through the Outer Courtyard and disappear beyond the white arch. This frighten and makes me mad that these criminals can complain about us entering their domain but they feel they can walk about up here and no one attempt to stop them at all. I commend The Sergeant for attempting to bring this woman in and to stop her. Well done Sergeant, it is ashame you had to suffer injury in the process. I do hope you recover soon.
    Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court


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      You know, not all people in cloaks are evil. The prince and the Inquisitor major and even some knights have been known to use a cloak to walk around. It is even said that the Queen herself has had need to come to the outer unknown.




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