Just wanted to send out my and the Garden Society’s most heartfelt thanks to those that worked hard to bring this the Ghost Ball off without a hitch:

To the Carpenters, ser Jayland, Ser Janwin, sera Kadia and Squire Keyana for their help with the prizes and such. There wonderful work on the prizes I am sure will be most appreciated by those that won the said items.

To Mistress Zia for her hard and most magnificent work on the favors we were able to give out at the Ball. Mistress your work was breath taking and of course will also be enjoyed by all who attended and received one. Thank you.

To Ser Geoffry the Royal Cook for his delectable spread of foods and drinks to tantalize our pallets and raise our spirits. Ser Geoffry your are an artist with food and those new drinks and new pumpkin tarts were out of this world!!! Thank you.

To the Office of Royal orders for allowing us to use the Bowling lounge for the evening.

To Mistress Adalyn for arranging for our streamers and confetti and the use of the tablecloth. We thank you for the use of the items.

To the Seamstresses for their help on doing what costumes might have come their way to sew. Your wonderful work was most appreciated.

I also extend my thanks to all those of the Garden Society, Ser Fezwin, Sera Alyse, Sera Lalaine, sera Kitra and Sera Sirooco and Sera Tamm anyone else I might have missed that poured their hearts into this celebration of fun.

I especially extend the Garden Society’s love and devotion and thanks to Her Majesty, long may she reign, for all her love and those gifts she bestowed upon
Us that have allowed us to have such a good time.