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  • *~*~Attention*~*~

    Sir Darvius wishes to announce that his class normally held in the Inner Bailey Ball Room, will be moved to the Outer Bailey practice hall this Thor's Day at 8 late bells. These are lessons opened to all honorable denizens, who have a true desire to study dueling and who desire to study the Code Duello.
    As was previously posted, the rules of his class shall remain the same.The first bell of the class will be for basic instruction on dueling and swordplay. Those members of the Court who are of beginning to intermediate skill are encouraged to attend this bell of instruction, if they have a desire to begin or further their knowledge and skill of swordsmanship and dueling.

    The second bell of class shall be open to privileged students of Sir Darvius exclusively. Those desiring to attend this class may contact Sir Darvius by personal scroll, with their desire to join the lesson, the names of their previous instructors, guild relationships, and a brief synopsis of their level of skill. Only members of the Royal Court in good standing who have an intermediate level of skill with the blade will be considered. In addition, only a limited number of candidates will be accepted.

    Those attending either class should dress appropriately for dueling practice. Loose clothing: (Shirt, Jerkin, Doublet, Blouse, Bodice ect.), appropriate foot gear (shoes or boots), and pants. Students are encouraged to bring their own practice blade if available (Sir Darvius will have on hand a few loner blades if needed.). Students are also encouraged to bring scabbards and blades, if permitted to do so by law. In addition, all students must bring one blank book. All other items are to be either left in ones room or placed into pouches.

    Further instructions for perspective students shall be given at the beginning of class.

    *In Service*
    ~Elora Winslet~

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    The open class starts at 8 late bells sharp.


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      Open Sparing

      Let it be known,

      Prior to his scheduled dueling classes Sir Darvius shall at his leisure hold open sparing for those interested from the 7th to the 8th bell prior to his formal classes. All are welcome to attend. However, the same rules and guidelines shall be enforced for those wishing to spar, as he upholds for his class.

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