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Chronicle: Appointments to the Counsel

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  • Chronicle: Appointments to the Counsel

    Moon of the Departed Fey
    2nd Day
    Chronicle XX

    Good Denizens of Marrach;

    In obedience to the will of the Lord Chamberlain, by request and with only the humblest hopes to prove of assistance to the esteemed denizens of Marrach; I herewith scribe the events concerning the appointment of two new Counselors; sera Jennet and sera Aleena as well as the appointment of First Counselor Nutmegger.

    On the Moon after Estrella, twenty-sixth day at eight castle bells, The Counsel did hold a ceremony of induction. Counselor Nutmegger and Counselor Chorus didst preside over the induction with Counselor Nutmegger administring to the new counselors their vows. Following the utterance of oaths, braided necklaces with the silver medallion of the counsel and robes were presented to both seras Jennet and Aleena.

    Afterward, Counselor Chorus officially inducted Counselor Nutmegger as First Counselor who had been acting as such at the Lord Chamberlain's behest. Counselor Nutmegger then performed the Ceremony of Vows and was presented with the First Counselor's red velveteen robe and Counsel Bible as well as the key to the furnace. First Counselor Nutmegger accepted his new position and spoke a few words to the attendees present in the acceptance of his office.

    The Mentors of the new counselors were then announced with Counselor Chorus serving as mentor to Counselor Aleena, and First Counselor Nutmegger serving as Counselor Jennet's.

    In addition the Counselors are recruiting for new Counselors. Should any perusing this Chronicle feel they are so fit, they need only speak with either First Counselor Nutmegger or any of the other Counsel members for further information.

    As always, this Chronicler begs forgiveness on this day for any error in this missive regarding this incident and beseeches any that should know of such to contact the Office of the Chroniclers so that such might be amended at once.

    In humble service of the Lord Chamberlain,

    Sorcha Du Dínan
    Chronicler of the Court

    The yoke or the throne?

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