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  • A Way Over The Bridge Please Read

    Attention all denizen with Inner Bailey access. Our friends from long past have granted us a wonderful miracle. The silver Arch that shimmers in the Outer Bailey Court yard and in the Inner Bailey Court yard is a gift from those friendly souls of the Castle. Some may remember they did make one for our Ghost Ball so those that lived within the Inner Bailey might come to the Ball. Her Majesty, long may she reign, and His Excellency asked that I go with a group of others which did include, Doctor Destini, Sera Jerisa, Squire Ambra, Ser Robert, Sera Anita, Ser Bauh, Ser Lircau, Sera Ayern, Sera Merrynn and for the first part of it Sir Anselm, went to the Bowling Lounge, where the spirits are most active, and did call upon their help for this Arch so that those with access could cross with safety. The spirits did come and spoke with us and decided in their loyalty to Her Majesty, they would help us.

    But let it be known that this arch is spending their energies so we have been asked to remember their gift and to always keep those who have passed and those that sleep in our thoughts and always honor their memory for they feel we have forgotten them. So please remember those whose footstep we do now trod and honor their memory by taking a moment to think of them and bare that memory always in mind. So please use the silver arch instead of the Bridge so that those that need to fix the Bridge can do their job without worry or interruption and as you use it remember those asleep and those that have passed and bring their names to the front of your mind and remember the things they have done and even what they meant to us. I place here the names of those I will always remember who have passed or have retired:

    Lady Berthe
    Lady Ageelia
    Lady Charmiam
    Lady Illiana
    Lord Mielyr
    Sir Bragi
    Sir Davog
    Sir Gawyn
    Dame Kassiana
    Sir Lorenz
    Dame Zenaida
    Sera Adalyn
    Sera Aleena
    Sera Alacia
    Apprentice Anabeth
    Ser Angron
    Ser Artegal
    Sera Astana
    Sera Carella
    Sera Cassandra
    Ser Dittersdorf
    Sera Faith
    Sera Gretchan
    Master Johnathan
    Sera Josey
    Sera Judith
    Doctor Kyle
    Sera Mairead
    Ser Malvolio
    Sera Margaret
    Sera Martina
    Ser Mayakovsky
    Sera Mena
    Sera Namida
    Sera Neerie
    Sera Nizhoni
    Sera Ophidias
    Ser Osric
    Master Sansamor
    Sera Sara
    Ser Stix
    Sera Tamora
    Sera Valora
    Ser Vaden

    There are many more in my mind. Some have been so long ago I have regrettable forgotten their names, but others are so fresh in my mind that I do recall their faces and the way they touched my life here. I pray that those mentioned here are not lost to the deep sleep for long and might return to us soon. Others that have been lost to more then sleep I wish them peace and hope their journey into the other world will be joyful. Thank you.
    Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court

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    Oh and a few more:

    sera Sham
    Ser Mewolfe
    Ser Ryan
    Ser Cody
    Ser Andrew
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    Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court


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      I am adding a small list of mine own begining with my oldest sister
      sera Mena
      Doctor Dittersdorf
      Doctor Kyle
      ser Gareth
      sera Sham
      sera Namida
      ser Lexanol
      sera Carella
      sera Nizhoni
      ser Sanc
      sera Mariead
      sera Nixa
      ser Santilius
      sera Vidula
      and many more denziens that have passed through the castle halls.

      I am very happy to have met them they helped me when I most needed them and will always remember the many moments they shared with us.

      Be at peace



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        I would like at also add a few names.

        Sera Yoko
        Ser Cody
        Ser Shamus
        Sera Khalea
        Ser Jennan
        Ser Morgus
        Apprentice Annabeth
        Sera Margaret
        Master Davog
        Ser Kaspar
        Sera Mena
        Sera Mintal
        Master Sansamor
        Ser Andrew

        And all those that have passed threw our halls.
        May peace be with you.


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          I'm not gone, my friends.