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  • ~Farewell~

    I have been awake in Marrach for a very long time. I have been loyal, dedicated and worked hard. I once believed that was enough. I no longer believe that.
    So, I Destini Tresselle on this day have left Marrach of my own free will to join those of the Dukedom.

    I know this may come as a shock to many, but to those who really know me, will understand why. There are many reasons for my choice.
    I hope that one day those who matter will understand. To my close friends I pray you will not hate me.

    I wish Sir Howe and Etaine a long and lasting marriage. I am sorry I could not stay to attend. Sir Howe, your words to me meant more then you will ever know.

    So I will close with this:
    Trying to be someone you are not is a waste of the person you are.

    Farewell, Till we meet again.

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    *a word or two seem slightly smeared, as if by tears*
    Eloire Kysarrian


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      May it be known that Destini is suspected of being the main culprit in the burglary of the Outer Bailey infirmary, which transpired some time during the night or morning of this day. Her actions and words have shown her a willful enemy of the Queen and the Castle, one who would aid the rebels and murderers of the Under Bailey in their attempts to terrorize and harm the law-abiding people of Marrach. If she is seen back in the Castle, she should be treated accordingly, either forced to surrender or slain for her treason, and her remains turned over to the Royal Guard or the Sentry, so that she may be brought to justice for her actions.

      Sir Petris
      Royal Provost


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        I must say, this literally overjoys me that I was given another chance up above instead of being exiled. And yes Destini, you are a hypocritical jackass as well.



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          I must say that I am surprised! And overly disappointed! All the talk about being against these rebels and such and to turn and become one of them yourself. I must say I am disappointed. I would think to that Lady Berthe would be equally disappointed in your actions. I feel this was a rash decision on your part to give up all you have worked so hard for. But the decision has been made and there is no turning back now.
          Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court


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            Destini ~

            You have disgraced Her Majesty, and thrown the gifts She has given you in Her Face. You have greatly deceived Lord Mielyr and all he did for thee and poured the time wasted upon thee down the privy. And you have failed the Healers. I know you never liked me much, but I did all I could to attempt to make you happy. No more. Enjoy thy life in exile. We shall see if those of the Under have as much patience for thee as I and this Court.

            You are hereby forever banished from practicing Healing in this Castle. No matter how many centuries pass. Should we catch thee in practice, justice will be sought accordingly.


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              She's already in exile. Does it really make a difference if she's banned? Or more accordingly, since she's already down there, will she even see that note?
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