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Chronicle: The Capture of ser Adine

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  • Chronicle: The Capture of ser Adine

    Sun's Day, Sixth Day, First Moon

    In humble obedience to the Will of the Court Chronicler, and in hopes to be of some use in continuing to Inform the Denizens of the Castle, I hereby submit this account of the Capture of ser Adine.

    Early yesterday afternoon, Watchwoman Kassiana was standing in the lowest part of the north stairway when an individual matching the description of one ser Adine fled down the stairs past her and out into the Outer Bailey Courtyard. Watchwoman Kassiana followed the ser, who appeared to be gravely wounded, and came upon him just as he stumbled and collapsed, unable to go further. According to the Watchwoman, the ser begged with her to kill him, and spat in her direction several times. The Watchwoman took the ser into custody, as he is wanted for questioning concerning a number of armed attacks, and one murder. Ser Adine was escorted to the dungeons, and a Healer summoned to attend to his wounds. He remains there as of this writing, awaiting further proceedings.

    According to the Watchwoman, ser Adine had been wounded severely by Watchman Harabec, who was himself injured in the fight. It was stated that when the Watchman fought with ser Adine, he was armed with a dagger, which was the weapon mentioned in the attacks upon seras Miriam and Ethra. However, when he was taken to the dungeons, no such weapon was found upon him, and it is not known how or where the weapon was disposed of. It is also reported that Master Robert had come upon ser Adine two days prior to this incident and fought with him, slightly wounding him in the process, but this has not been confirmed.

    In a brief interview with sera Ethra, one of the persons who has reportedly been attacked and gravely wounded by ser Adine, she stated that when she was confronted by said ser, he told her that her friends had been responsible for the death of ser Adine's brother, Ranud, who had not been seen since he was second in a duel with someone named ser Santino. Ser Adine is also reported to have told sera Ethra that he intended to kill her and all of her friends. Sera Ethra states that she has never heard of either ser Ranud nor ser Santino, and is at a loss to explain these allegations and the ensuing threats. In addition to the attack on sera Ethra, it is claimed that ser Adine also is responsible for the temporary death of Healer Destini, the Healer who treated ser Adine's grave wounds after his arrest, as well as the grave woundings of sera Miriam and ser (now Watchman) Janwin.

    In humble service to the Court Chronicler , I respectfully apologize for any and all omissions and errors, and beg the Reader's indulgence in pointing these out, so that they may be expeditiously corrected.

    Aspirant Chronicler Astana

    Astana an Dathuil
    Assistant Chronicler

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    One small correction.


    I indeed do not know a ser named Ranud, but I certainly know a ser named Santino. My apologies for not being clear on that point.

    Sera Ethra
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      All three, Adine, Ranuld and Santino should be thrown in the furnace

      They pose threats to her majesty and her fair denizens, expel them all.
      To conquer without risk, is to succeed without glory


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        (OOC note: This is written in a slightly shakier hand than is usual)

        I can confirm it if needed, as can sera Finna, that I did indeed manage to wound ser Adine. Just either send me a scroll, or ask sera Finna.

        Master Robert
        Silliness: Grand Master
        Intrigue: Master Adept
        Creative Thinking: Artisan
        Subtlety: Apprentice (considerable training)


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          I can certain confirm Master Robert's duel with said ser Adine. He came out of his room right in front of us and Master Robert took out after him. He cought up with him by the Opal arch and proceeded to duel with him. Master Robert managed to seriously wound Adine and Adine proceeded to garb me and tried to choke me. Master Robert had to stand down. With that Adine pushed me into Master Robert and took off running. Master Robert made sure I was alright and took out after him....but he had some how injured himself in the duel and could not go very far. If there is any futher question concerning this account you may contact me.

          Finna Moon
          Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court