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Beginging of Teanga classes...

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  • Beginging of Teanga classes...

    I will be starting Teanga classes on Moon's days at 10 morning bells, starting next week and will also being doing private sessions as well. I request that anyone attending one of my classes to send me a scroll before hand, so that i can scheduel myself accordingly. With private session, If I'm not busy, you can just walk up and ask me, or also send me a scroll to work out at time best for yourself...

    NOTE: Teaching Restrictions - Teanga should only be taught to appointed Awakeners, Counselors, Healers, Chroniclers, and Seamstresses, Winter Watch members, Chroniclers, administrative positions in the Court, admin assistants to the Dean of the Royal Collegium, handmaidens (and male equivalent to Bores) and on special occasions to Etiquette Circle, Gardening Society.
    - Of the plains people.
    - Langauge Teacher
    - Student Tailor

    " sad is sad when we end with words like these..."

    (OOC - There's the right to obey, and the right to kill - RATM)