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~List of Seamstresses & Tailors~

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  • ~List of Seamstresses & Tailors~

    Composed this Fifteenth Day of the First Moon, Tenth Year.


    To better serve you, here is a list of available seamstresses and tailors and the links within which they are able to fashion clothes to.


    Mistress Ermengarde, Royal Seamstress - 4th (and up)
    Sera Ezraella, Lead Apprentice - 5th
    Sera Finna, Apprentice - 8th
    Sera Wilena, Senior Student - 8th & 9th
    Sera Jerisa, Favored Student - 5th (at her leisure)


    Ser Howel, Master Tailor - 5th (and up)
    Sir Corin, Lead Apprentice - 6th
    Ser Raulison, Senior Student - 7th
    Ser Anton - 10th
    Ser Dalonus - 11th

    Please remember that Tailors strictly sew for men, and Seamstresses strictly sew for women.

    Thank you.

    Ezraella Blake, Lead Apprentice

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    [Neatly Rearranged To The Middle & Front]
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      This is just to let all know that I am taking orders so if any at the 8th link or higher have something they need done you can send you orders to me if you like.
      Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court



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