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  • Courtesy

    Courtesy is a quality of soul refinement impossible to purchase, Impossible to acquire at easy cost.

    Politeness is but the shallow imitation of courtesy, and often masquerades as a refining quality in life when it is courtesy that truly refines mankind. Politeness can be assumed, courtesy never. One can be trained upon the surfaces of the mind, the other must be born in the soul.

    Noble natures are often impolite, often lack surface politeness, but have real courtesy in the soul, where great and good men really live. They would not, they could not stoop to low cunning or contemptible meaness.

    Polite people may be the very quintessence of cunning, so artful that the world regards them as delightful people until their shallow souls are uncovered. The difference between the polite person and the courteous soul is as wide as the gulf that separates evil from good.


    If any little word of ours
    Can make one life the brighter;
    If any little song of ours
    Can make one heart the lighter;
    Goddess help us speak that little word,
    And take our bit of singing
    And drop it in some lonely vale
    To set the echoes ringing.

    If any little love of ours
    Can make one life the sweeter;
    If any little care of ours
    Can make one step the fleeter;
    If any little help may ease
    The burden of another;
    Goddess give us love and care and strength
    To help along each other.

    If any little thought of ours
    Can make one life the stronger;
    If any cheery smile of ours
    Can make its brightness longer;
    Then let us speak that thought today,
    With tender eyes aglowing,
    So Goddess may grant some weary one
    Shall reap from our glad sowing.

    Finna Moon
    Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court

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    Ah Finna...

    So relieved I was to find you safe and sound last week...
    so grateful to your good friend Master Robert for his protection.

    No petty thief can still your voice, your heart.

    My thanks again for the fresh air of your piercing intellect and clear vision, such invigoration in the fog of fools!

    Gladly your sponsor,
    Ser Avocet
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    Edward Van Avocet



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