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  • Assistant Wanted

    Position: Interne to Secretary of Royal Orders

    Duties: To attend office bells, light filing, missive writing, assist with lectures and meeting planning, assist with calendar and food requests, assist in creation of Inner Bailey Group library, maintain Outer Bailey Guild and Group library, Guidance Counseling, assist with Royal Collegium applications, odd jobs and tasks

    Requirements: Must be able to read and write. Must have excellent courtesy, speaking and writing skills, prefer newly awakened but will consider all. Cannot have Sanctioned Guild affiliation due to need for objectivity. Position may lead to Inner Bailey Promotions.

    If you are interested please send a missive to myself by the 24th of the moon (Feb. 24) with the following information:

    1) Name
    2) How long have you been in the Castle?
    3) Current Group or Guild Affiliations
    4) Aspirations (if any)
    5) Why you are interested in the Office of Royal Orders

    Information on the Office of Royal Orders is located upon these boards for your convenience.

    Further questions, please speak to myself or Ser Tareath.

    In service,
    Mistress Margaret, Secretary of the Royal Orders

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    When you speak of Sanctioned Guild....Is the Muses one of these type guilds?

    Finna Moon
    Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court


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      For your convenience, following is a list of Sanctioned Guilds in the Outer Bailey:

      The Academy of Dance
      The Awakeners
      The Battle Guild
      The Chroniclers
      THe Counsel
      The Courtesy Circle
      The Crafters (inactive)
      The Duelists
      The Friends of the Muse
      The Garden Society
      The Keepers of the Unveiled
      The Poet's Brotherhood
      The Rememberers

      In Service,

      Mistress Margaret
      Secretary of the Royal Orders


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        Such groups as the winter watch and the seamstresses arena considered sanctioned guilds?
        To conquer without risk, is to succeed without glory


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          The Winter Watch is a branch of the Royal Army.
          The seamstresses are not a sanctioned guild.


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            While your sentence obviously lacks an active verb, and I have no idea what a 'seamstress arena' is, I believe I can help you, ser Garrik.

            The Winter Watch is to my knowledge considered an Arm of the Royal Military, and not a guild. Also, as what we commonly refer to as the Seamstresses actually denotes the students of the Mistress Ermengarde, they do not present a guild per se.

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              I hadna meant t' discern those two groups only, though the answers provided are appreciated.

              seamstresses arena
              would mayhaps be better viewed as "...seamstresses are not..."

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              To conquer without risk, is to succeed without glory


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                Attention Denizens,

                A gentle reminder that the deadline for applications is this Sun's Day, the 24th of the moon. To those who already applied, I will be in touch after the 24th.

                Thank you all for your interest,

                Mistress Margaret
                Secretary of the Royal Orders


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                  I, Sethiroth, do offer my services.
                  For I am Ser Sethiroth
                  and have been present at the castle for two months now
                  I quest for the study of sorcery and hope to learn more of the castle inhabtants and customs and such through this position.

                  wearer of many faces



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