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A Reminder In Light Of A Recent Rumor

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  • A Reminder In Light Of A Recent Rumor

    As I was on my way to open the Royal Library this evening I heard two guards in the Inner Bailey Courtyard talking to each other. I must say I did not care for what they were saying.

    It seems the validity of my marriage to Master Gareth is being called into question. This is not the first time in recent days that I have heard statements along these lines, and so I would like to remind you of the terms and conditions of marriage as stated in Her Majesty's Capitulary:

    Faith marriage is an inviolable oath, made in accordance with the tenets set forth by the Royal Priestess.
    Since this apparently needs further clarification, I will oblige and proffer some.

    Not capable of being broken or violated; as, an inviolable covenant, agreement, promise, or vow.
    Marriages under the Faith of Natura Balanus cannot be sundered by temporary death. It may even be that they cannot be sundered by outright death.

    Regardless of what my husband's current relationship may be with sera Helene, I would like such talk as gave birth to certain current rumors to cease.
    Lady Avaria, Royal Archivist & Dean of the Royal Collegium
    Collegium Dean since 30.10.8
    Royal Archivist since 10.11.2
    Previously Senior Chronicler and Counselor

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    Mistress Avaria, while I do understand your position, I must also ask about another faith tenant:

    Does not death break all bonds?

    Tis my belief and understanding that a marriag ein the eyes of the faith is sundered by death, as all such dealing with the Faith are. As well, I do know from a few within the Chancery and lord Chamberlain's office that a civil wedding does last beyond the bounds of death, and it was mine understanding that the two were different.

    I will await the First Acolyte relating what the departed Lady Nadira's wishes on this were, but I mearly point out mine own knowledge.

    With respect and hope for your future happyness



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      With all do respect Martel, I really don't think death by murder should be accepted as a legitimate form of nullification of marriage. If it was, it could bring up some inexcusable actions I'd rather not discuss on in open arena.

      If Gareth decided by himself that he WANTED the marriage to end, then that might change things, though that would bring up a whole new bunch of issues in it's own right.

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        Love's Lasting Legacy

        (written in an elegant script, and flourished by various calligraphic designs and bordures of red ink)

        For that it pleaseth her and maketh her countenance glad, joyful, and mickle merry, and moreover so that no lingering worry nor doubt cast so much as a hundredth part in the over-shadowing of what bliss we have known, do know, and shall know betwixt each other in our hearts, and furthermore to cause no rumor to linger such to discount our devotion, yet suffuse the senses and hearts and minds and souls of all, as we are, with the awe of Love's divine grace and noble power, Mistress Avaria hath full fain consented to renew her path with me by Oath of Marriage.

        Let none dare gainsay nor disparage such joyful news, lest they impeach their own souls as barren and corrupt traitors to the good, the beautiful, and the true. And if any are so bold, I entreat others to let such varletry lie unheeded, and join instead only in our wealth of affection this day.

        Blessed be those with Love in their hearts, and blessed is she who loves me so.

        For the Glory and Honor of Love in Her Majesty's realm,

        -Master Gareth.
        ~ Gareth Beaumains ~

        ~ For Love! For Valour!
        ~ For Honour! For Glory!
        ~ Onwards to Adventure!