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  • A Bargain Sale

    I'm offering for sale today
    A lot of things I'll need no more;
    Come, please, and take them all away,
    I've piled them up outside my door.
    I'll make the prices low eoungh,
    And trust you, if it's trust you need;
    Here I have listed all my stuff,
    Make your selection as you read:

    A lot of prejudices which
    Have ceased to be of use to me;
    A stock of envy of the rich,
    Some slightly shopworn jealousy;
    A large supply of gloom that I
    Must not permit to clog my shelves;
    I offer bargains--who will buy?
    Name prices that will suit yourselves.

    A lot of wishes I've outgrown,
    A stock of silly old beliefs;
    Some pride I once was proud to own,
    A bulky line of dreads and griefs;
    An old assortment of ill will,
    A job lot of bad faith and doubt,
    Harsh words that have their poison still;
    Choose as you please---I'm closing out.

    I need more room for Kindliness,
    For hope and courage and good cheer,
    Take all the hatred I possess,
    The superstitions and the fear;
    A large supply of frailties I
    Shall have no use for from today;
    I offer bagains; who will buy?
    The rubbish must be cleared away!

    Finna Moon

    ooc- Credit goes to S E. Kiser
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    Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court

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    Ok. Even I have to admit, for poetry... that's pretty darned good.



    OOC: I just found out that wonderful poem that I was so in awe of was not written by Finna's player. It was written by a 19th century poet named S.E. Kiser and was used without giving proper credit.
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      Sera Finna, I am amazed... You're words ring so true and the rhyme and meter is incredible. I had no idea you were such a wonderful poet. I hope to see more of your work sometime.

      -Teria Hawk-

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        ooc- I do apologies I was not aware,truthfully, that I had to state credits.....I am sorry....I have included the credits on the other two poems I borrowed.....

        Worth While----Ella Wheeler Wilcox

        Ture Love---Phoebe Cary

        Thank you for letting me know this.....
        Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court