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Hairstylist's Contest & Seminar

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  • Hairstylist's Contest & Seminar

    The Hairstylist's Circle

    Do you want to be fashionable? Tired of bad hair days? Can't tell a comb from a gnome?

    Join us for the following Guild Week Events:

    CONTEST: Mena Witherspoon, the Patron of the Hairstylist's Circle is accepting submission for ANY suggestions for the Guild! Want to suggest a new hairstyle? A new color? A new texture? What about ideas for hair accessories or products? We want to hear all of your ideas! Send them on a scroll directly to Mena. The winner will be chosen and rewarded during the Guild Week Banquet. We will stop taking submissions on 14d4m12yra!

    SEMINAR: Join the Stylists for a informative seminar on basic hair care. We will show you how to wash and condition your hair so that you are always squeaky clean and presentable. This will be a fun lecture and gift bags will be provided! Come and see what you have been missing for so long by not combing your hair! 15d4m12yra, 5-7LB, Outer Bailey Lecture Hall.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! I look forward to seeing MANY submissions for this contest!

    Thank you!
    Mena Witherspoon

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    A conversation overheard in the courtyard:

    Sera Creative: Oh, my! Did you hear what the hairstylists are doing for Guild Week?

    Sera Bored: Nay, nay. Whatever could it be?

    Sera Creative: They are having a seminar to show everyone how to properly care for their hair!

    Sera Creative I heard they are giving out all kinds of beauty samples too!

    Sera Creative: PLUS! They are having a contest!

    Sera Bored: A contest?! What ever for?

    Sera Creative: They are seeking suggestions for their guild. New Hairstyles, hair colors, hair products, hair accessories. Any and everything! How AMAZING!

    Sera Excited, formerly sera Bored: I'm going to enter! I have lots of ideas to share with them! What should I do?

    Sera Creative: Just send your scroll to MENA! You have until the 14th day of the 4th moon. AND they are giving out an amazing prize during the Guild Week banquet. What fun!

    Sera Excited: !

    Sera Excited: FUN!



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      I have four wonderful submissions so far! I am looking for all of you creative souls out there to send in a suggestion to the Hairstylists! Send the scroll directly to MENA! Thank you!


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        *bumped by a helpful page*
        Ser Kobe
        Junior Equerry to Lord Vestio
        Battler Teacher
        Mummer for the Unity of the Arts

        Linguistics Project Assembly Teacher


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          There are 9 days left to submit your entry into the Hairstylists' Contest!

          I have received the prize for the contest and I must say, it is so beautiful I want to enter the contest myself for a chance to win it!

          Don't forget to attend the Haircare Seminar. It will be a fun, lighthearted, and educational event.


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            The location for the Haircare Seminar has been changed from the Lecture Hall to the Bridge Lounge.


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              Today is the last day to send in submissions for the Hairstylists' Circle's Contest! Send them to MENA before midnight!

              Who: You and Handmaiden Mena
              What: Haircare and Beauty Seminar
              When: Tomorrow, 15d4m12yra, 5 late bells
              Where: The Grand Bridge Lounge
              Why: FUN!

              The first 15 attendees will receive a gift bag full of amazing goodies! Come join us for a fun and educational event!


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                The Hairstylists' Circle!

                Dear Guests of Marrach,

                Please allow me the opportunity to thank the Crafters that assisted with our event for Guild Week:
                • Crafters - Ezraella (Banner), Sinvy (Contest Prize), Janwin (Hairbrushes), Heath (Fingernail Files), Kaspar (Pamphlets), Geoffry (Candy), Lady Hieronyma (Shampoo & Conditioner).

                I would like to thank everyone who participated in our Guild Week Seminar and Contest:
                • Seminar Attendance - Kalare, Sabrial, Prue, Avelyne, Louise, Adriana, Kobe, Theresa, Heath, Anton, Amishi, Lady Etaine, Qdee, Mimi, Falke
                • Contest Participation - Anton, Avelyne, Annett, Kobe, Mimi, Louise, Prue, Tristan, Sabrial.

                Finally, it is my pleasure to confirm the winner of our contest:


                She submitted a wonderful submission which I will tack here -

                Composed this first day, fourth moon, twelfth YRA

                Dear Handmaiden Mena,

                In the interest of participating and being more involved throughout the castle, I would like to suggest ideas for your Hairstylist's Contest.

                While I am uncertain how many categories one can enter, I have limited myself to sharing three ideas for the moment.

                The first, hair dye, in the color of Tahitian Black. A black hair color that much like some pearls and feathers, appears in the correct light to look rich shades of green or purple.

                The second, also a hair dye, a color of sugar blonde, a pale blonde with faint pinkish undertones.

                My third suggestion, a hairstyle, rosette crown. The majority of one's hair is allowed to be loose, while the mid crown sections of the wearer's hair is pinned delicately into intricate rosette patterns that bridge from one top of the ear to the other.

                On a personal note, I certainly hope that you are keeping well, and that the coming events of guild week are a huge success for you.

                With all my Regards and Respect,
                It is signed by Avelyne.

                Sera Avelyne will recieve a one of a kind hand mirror crafted from ivory, amethyst, and silver inlay made especially for our contest by Mistress Sinvy!

                Thank you again to everyone who participated. I hope that the Hairstylists can have more fun events like this in the future.

                For more information regarding the Hairstylists please contact Guildmistress Ezraella, Patron Mena, or Stylist Sabrial.