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  • The Clock Tower Herald -- Issue 2

    Issue II
    18th Day, 4th Moon, 12th Year of these Recent Awakenings


    A collection of articles and information about current castle life and events, published every fortnight.

    Our Majesty's Newest Guests
    Writ and provided by sera Theresa, Guildmistress of the Awakeners
    The good Doctor Getheaht has been busy these past couple weeks! Please help us welcome each of Her Majesty's newest guests. The following is a list of those who were helped by an Awakener. If you are a new guest and you are not on this list, please send a missive to sera Theresa so that you can be offered aid from the Awakeners.
    • Ser Seto
    • Sera Sandrine
    • Sera Annalyn
    • Ser Pistaba
    • Ser Jorgen
    • Sera Leelo
    • Sera Myshella
    • Sera Arique
    • Sera Amishi
    • Sera Cincra
    • Ser Huzma
    • Sera Auriela
    • Sera Erathalia
    • Sera Amice
    • Ser Amis
    • Ser Eali
    • Sera Mivanis
    • Ser Hildar
    • Sera Baeda

    The Awakeners would also like to humbly request that anyone who helps one of Her Majesty's new guests please write sera Theresa with the new guest's name, a brief description of the guest, and how the new guest was helped. This helps the Awakeners and the new guests because the Awakeners can ensure that each new guest is given special attention, even if no Awakeners are awake when the new guest emerges from his or her room.

    Courtesy and Friendship: Are They Mutually Exclusive?
    Writ by Mistress Sinvy, Patron of the Courtesy Circle
    Courtesy is such a complex part of civilized society that it is often misunderstood in many ways. There are two common misconceptions about the purpose and attitude relating to Courtesy. The first is that being courteous makes you a ''snob'' and that those who are courteous are ''snobs''. The second being that being courteous means you must be friendly or friends with an individual.

    The first misconception and the second tend to tie together more often than not. Someone who practices the virtue of Courtesy and therefore is courteous is in no way a snob, they are acting in a manner befitting a civilized being according to the established virtues of the society in which we live in now. Likewise, just because someone educates another in Courtesy, be it through example or direct verbal and written education does not make them a snob or mean they are being rude to you. There have been many times where I have heard or seen someone get upset or flat out angry because someone - no matter how politely - corrected them or acted correctly.

    An example of such would be to individuals in the pillory or on distraint. It is not rude or inappropriate for someone to disregard these individuals as they are -beneath contempt- and have eschewed Her Majesty's generosity by refusing to follow the Law in which She has laid down for the benefit of everyone. Therefore, it is socially frowned upon to coddle these individuals, friend or not, because to encourage the breaking of the law endangers the whole of the population and Society.

    The second misconception that seems to run rampant is that to be courteous one must be friendly. This is most certainly -not- the case. No where in our society does one imply the other and to assume such is considered inappropriate. Courtesy does not require that one smile, hug, nickname, inquire about the weather or even invite people to join them for cake. It does require that betters be acknowledged by lessers and that people adhere to the basic respect afforded to all individuals not under arrest or held outside of Her Majesty's good graces.

    I have often heard chatter about how rude an individual was, only to learn that they had simply not been bursting with enthusiasm, being in possession of a bubbling disposition or in the mood to socialize with and coddle their peers or lessers. While I can see how this could be off putting for the majority of our population, it is always important to remember that not everyone is or even wishes to be friends with everyone else, and that because they choose this path does not make them discourteous, but merely makes them human.

    In short, being courteous to others does not make you a snob, it means you are bettering your character by pursuing one of the society's key virtues and just because someone is courteous does not mean they are expected to be your friend or have to act as if they are. The Courtesy Circle asks that you keep these in mind when interacting with your peers and betters and try not to cultivate perceptions that are incorrect and impede your own virtue.

    Guild Rosters
    Below is an updated list of guild rosters, provided by the Chambers. This section will contain the rosters of those guilds that have had recent changes since the last publication.

    The Librarians
    • Royal Librarian: Mistress Neerie
    • Senior Librarians: sera Daisy
    • Librarians in Training: sera Prue

    The Almoners
    • Acting Royal Almoner/Guildmistress: Sera Sabrial
    • Almoners: sera Prue

    The Faith
    • Sponsor: Her Majesty
    • Royal Priestess: Priestess Nadira
    • First Acolyte: Adayne
    • Acolyte-Natura: Dalla and Rosianne
    • Acolytes: Xewe and Trenna

    The Unity of the Arts
    • Sponsor: Sir Bragi
    • Patron: Sir Howe and Handmaiden Heulyn
    • Thespians: Handmaiden Ezraella (acting leader), Mistress Neerie
    • Masques: sera Kalare, sera Tamiko
    • Mummers: sera Cordelia, ser Liir
    • Harelquins: ser Massimo

    The Courtesy Circle
    • Sponsor: Lady Amoret
    • Patron: Mistress Sinvy
    • Mistress of the Gentleman's Society (Inner) Mistress Sinvy
    • Mistress of the Gentlewoman's Society (Inner): Handmaiden Ezraella
    • Guild Leader: Sera Cordelia
    • Assistant Guild Leader: sera Regan, sera Astrid
    • Members: Handmaiden Ezraella, sera Jerisa, Acolyte Dalla, Royal Sorcerer Uwaine

    The Winter Watch
    • Royal Provost: Major Priam
    • Corporal: Corporal Alexandr
    • Armsman: Armswoman Blodwen
    • Watchmen: Watchmen Falke, White, Watchwomen Drewe, Irina, Kassa

    The Battlers
    • Preceptor: Mimi
    • Elders: Sir Cyril Kanus, sera Mica
    • Teachers: ser Bauh, ser Canderous
    • Members: ser Blayne, ser Shane, ser Jericho, ser Bearlan, sera Arica, sera Sabrial

    The Clothiers
    • Royal Seamstress: Mistress Ermengarde
    • Royal Tailor: Sir Howel
    • Lead Apprentice Seamstress & Tailor: Handmaiden Ezraella and ser Anton
    • Apprentices: Dame Wilena
    • Favored Students: sera Jerisa and Cordelia
    • Senior Students: seras Irina and Mena; ser Canderous
    • Junior Students: sera Mimi; sers Liir and Bearlan

    • Patron: Handmaiden Mena
    • Secondary Patron: Handmaiden Alacia
    • Lead Stylist: Handmaiden Ezraella
    • Apprentice Stylists: Handmaiden Mena, Acolyte Adayne and Mistress Dalla
    • Barber: Squire Varick
    • Senior Stylists: sera Katherina and sera Sabrial
    • Student Stylists: sera Alexia and sera Lexy

    The Garden Society
    • Patron: sera Finna
    • Honorary Members: Handmaiden Ezraella
    • Guild Leader: sera Kalare
    • Gardeners: sera Sirocco, sera Adriana, sera Louise

    StoryPlotter Odjit points to her kohl-lined button eyes.
    StoryPlotter Odjit points to you.
    StoryPlotter Odjit draws her finger over her throat slowly.

    OOC -- Rhomulus says, " you realize... of all the people on here you're one of the few to make me look up a word?! lol"

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    The Jewelers
    • Royal Jeweler: Mistress Zia
    • Patron(s): Mistress Sinvy & Master Arian
    • Lead Apprentice(s): Lilly (Jeweler) & Radulescu (Engraver)
    • Apprentices: seras Rosianne, Heulyn & Rayna
    • Junior Student: sera Adriana
    • Students: Seras Calisto, Maelle & Avelyne; ser Lucien

    The Carpenters
    1. Patron: Dame Keyana
    2. Head Master: Master Taralyn
    3. Apprentices: Tristan, Colby
    4. Students: Bauh, Blodwen *, Braedan, Cordon, Ewah, Kalare *, Merrynn, Rolph
    5. Inactive: Atmos
    * Blodwen and Kalare are currently considered carpenters until they are at a level high enough to start studying luthery.

    The Awakeners
    • Patron: Handmaiden Ezraella
    • Guildmistress: Theresa
    • Senior Awakeners: ser Liir, ser Cordon
    • Junior Awakeners: sera Adora, ser Tristan

    The Healers
    • Royal Chirurgeon: Doctor Diana
    • Apprentices to the Royal Chirurgeon: Doctor Aloria (inactive); Apprentice Severin (senior, acting leader) Apprentice Gwenda (junior, inactive)
    • Students to the Royal Chirurgeon Nurses Annett, Jacicus (inactive), Juliee (inactive) and Quinlan (inactive), ser Myrddin, sera Zyta

    Balatro's Bawdy Bi-Weekly Boggler
    Two riddles, for your consideration.

    The first:
    A wonder hangs 'gainst a man's thigh,
    hidden my folds. Hard and strong,
    brave and long, with a hole up front!
    And when he lifts up his tunic
    he plans to thrust this hard head
    into the tight, waiting hole.
    The second:
    Vacant in Kings,
    Twice present in Queens.
    Those that believe themselves clever may send in their answers to their nearest convenient Chronicler.

    Historical Queries
    Here now are the answer to the previous publication's questions:
    1. Lady Avaria was named Royal Archivist during the third recorded Royal Court, as can be read about here.
    2. Another name for the Royal Witchfinder Odebain is "Old Bane", as can be read about here.
    3. The creature is question was a Basilisk, which can be read about here, here and here.
    No one was able to answer these correctly save the Royal Archivist herself. Perhaps this publication's will be less daunting:
    1. Where was Prelinah found to be sleeping before she joined the guests of these Recent Awakenings?
    2. Who considers unspoiled food to be poison?
    3. What is the name of the sister of the gargoyle that perches upon the western parapets of the Outer Bailey?
    Open Positions
    The Herald wishes to provide the castle residents with a list of currently-open positions amongst the available groups and guilds. If you wish to publish an opening within your own guild or group, please send a missive to any currently-active Chronicler with a three-sentence description of the position, a short list of requirements, and whom to contact for more details.
    Aspirant Chronicler, Office of the Chronicler

    The Office is always on the lookout for talented writers who have a critical eye and a nose for stories. A good way to meet many new people, as well as make a name for oneself in a relatively short time. Be a part of one of the castle's oldest institutions.

    • Must be able to write fluently in Common
    • Must not have been tried for High Crimes (such as treason)

    Contact: Senior Chronicler Emerick

    Call For Submissions
    If you wish to submit an article for the Herald's next publication, please send a query to Senior Chronicler Emerick with a brief description of the article you wish to write. Please include information such as its intent and target audience. Please note that the Office of the Chronicler reserves the right to refuse an article at its own discretion. Articles should be kept free of grammatical errors and be written in a clear, concise manner.

    The deadline for article submission for the next publication is the 1st of the 5th moon.

    Special Thanks
    The Office of the Chronicler would like to recognize the following individuals for their contributions and dedication: Lord Chamberlain Launfal, Aide Adriana, Mistress Sinvy, sera Theresa and ser Massimo.

    For any questions, comments or queries, please directly contact Senior Chronicler Emerick.


    So says the Clock Tower bell,
    "May the Queen flourish and Her enemies diminish until my call of bells doth finish."

    StoryPlotter Odjit points to her kohl-lined button eyes.
    StoryPlotter Odjit points to you.
    StoryPlotter Odjit draws her finger over her throat slowly.

    OOC -- Rhomulus says, " you realize... of all the people on here you're one of the few to make me look up a word?! lol"


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