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    As the member of the Battler's Guild who currently holds our practice swords, I've been holding impromptu practices for the past three days (and nights) with excellent success, if I may say so myself.

    A few of these were continuations of either Duelist or Watch practices where the leader had to retire for the night. In these cases, it seemed natural for me to step in, since I wanted to practice as much as the others who were left.

    I am not the offical word on the Battler's Guild, but I do know that we welcome anyone, be they Watchmen/women, Duelist, or just the curious. Personally, I do not seek to teach others ... this is time consuming and tiresome. You are welcome to try and see if I am in an amiable mood ... I have taught a few and they have lived through the experience.

    So, there are no offical Battler's practices. But we welcome ALL - no matter who you are. If anyone should see me about the castle and want to have a few rounds, feel free to ask. I shall let you know if I am unwilling.
    Perhaps when our numbers have grown, we will be able to start a regular schedule.

    I follow the general rules set forth by the Watch and the Duelist regarding practices. Basically, be nice (Punzel knows what I'm talking about), don't steal the swords (I have friends in the Watch who will get you), and don't spam in the dueling room!

    Oh, and feel free to drink. I enjoy my beer and shan't complain if others wish to drink in the practice room. Just don't spill.

    Lastly, I have taken a keen bend towards the scholarly path in regards to sword work. Want to debate the types of attacks? defensive maneuvers? effectiveness of advancing? Feel free to chat. Ser Delacroix has also proven to be quite a pupil in this area, but alas he might be giving up swordwork altogether. (No, I'm not as longwinded as he, so never fear).

    Sera Catharsis

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