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  • About the Welcome Room and New Guest Quest

    To all;

    The Royal Necromancer has been notified to begin bringing all newly awakened guests to their new quarters adjacent to the Welcome Room north of the Gate Courtyard. There they will be greeted by ser Kimberlin and acclimated to the Castle by our stalwart Awakeners. (The Sunset Room has been moved to that location as well.)

    As part of the greeting, each new guest receives a gray cloth book called "Welcome to Castle Marrach and Some Things to do Now That You Are Here" (written by myself) which introduces them to some practical facts about the Castle, and charges them with what I have dubbed the "New Guest Quest". Here is what the book says about that:

    QUEST: Becoming a Welcomed Guest

    At the moment you are a new guest in the Castle. You have a simple room here - where you woke up - and can return to it at any time. As a new guest, however, you cannot order anything from any of the crafting guilds, such as furniture, clothing, jewelry, and so on. Once you become a Welcomed Guest you'll be allowed to order such things, as well as get your hair styled as you like it.

    How do you become a Welcomed Guest? Well, it is really quite simple. The first part requires you to find your way around the Castle and visit certain locations. In each place, tap this book (OOC: tap my gray book) and ser Kimberlin (that ghost fellow) will reappear and gift you with a token for that location. Once you have a token for each of the locations, you will be done with that part of the quest!

    The second part is more complicated, but the most productive. The Outer Bailey of the Castle has a number of Guilds that provide goods, services, and entertainment for the Castle's guests. Before you can become a Welcomed Guest you have to speak to representatives of at least five Guilds and join one of them! (You'll get a token for each Guild you talk to, and one for the one you join.)

    Once you have done all of that, send all of the tokens to the Office of the Chamber and they will take care of getting you moved to a new, nicer, guest room and authorized to order things from the crafters. They will also give you a special badge that signifies you are a Welcomed Guest.

    QUEST: Finding Your Way About The Place

    Since Castle Marrach is your new home, it is important that you learn its layout as soon as possible. To that end, you will need to complete a short quest that not only shows you around the Castle but completes the first part of your Quest to become a Welcomed Guest.

    To complete this quest, you must find all of the following locations -

    The Dining Hall
    The Refectory
    The Main Courtyard
    The Shrine
    The Lecture Hall
    The Theatre
    The Crafters Hall
    The Castle Gate
    The Practice Hall
    The Art Gallery
    The Middle of the Great Bridge

    You will find most of these rooms on different floors of the Outer Bailey. The one that is not literally in the Outer Bailey should hopefully be somewhat self-explanatory.

    At each location if you tap this book (OOC: tap my gray book) you will be met by ser Kimberlin who will give you a token for that location. Keeps those tokens safe as you'll need them to be recognized as a Welcomed Guest. (Perhaps you should get a pouch from an Awakener or a friendly guest?)

    To find each location wander around and ask other guests for help and directions, politely. Don't be afraid to explore! There are many more things to do and see in the Outer Bailey than listed here.

    We'll give you your first token the easy way - Here are directions to the Dining Hall!

    From the Welcome Room where you received this book, go south until you reach the Gate Courtyard, then proceed east into the Grand Passage. Near the end of the Grand Passage, on the north side, is a pair of double doors. Proceed north through them and you have arrived in the Dining Hall!

    Guilds of the Outer Bailey

    It can be argued that the life of the Outer Bailey is in its Guilds as these groups provide all of the goods, services, security, and entertainment for the bailey. There are Guilds that cover most activities, and if there isn't currently a Guild for what interests you there are ways to start one up yourself.

    Every Guild has a Guildleader who is in charge of running the Guild and recruiting. Different Guilds have different membership requirements and structures since they are each about different things. Every Guild also has a Patron, who is a higher-ranking member of the Court of Marrach. It is their job to make sure the Guild stays true to its goals and ideals. (As part of being Patron, they are also keeping an eye on the Guild's members to see if any are worth recommending for promotion... but more on that later.)

    Every guest of Her Majesty in Castle Marrach is expected to join at least one Guild and help it prosper. There are many Guilds, but here is a list of the major ones you should know about.

    The Awakeners
    The Garden Society
    The Battle Guild
    The Counsel
    The Healers
    The Poets Brotherhood
    The Astrologers
    The Linguistic Project Assembly
    The Duelists
    The Carpenters
    The Jewelers
    The Chroniclers
    The Courtesy Circle
    The Cooks
    The Hairstylists Circle
    The Outer Bailey Library
    The Museum
    The Seamstresses and Tailors
    The Royal Pages
    The Winter Candy Circus
    The Embinders
    The Unity

    And four important non-Guild groups you should know about -
    The Winter Watch
    The Chancery
    The Chamber
    The Faith

    QUEST: Learning About Guilds and Meeting People

    As part of the requirements to become a Welcomed Guest, you have to collect the location tokens from ser Kimberlin and you also have to speak with members of at least five different Guilds, and join one Guild. Now, the Guild you join can be one of those five, or it can be another one - that is up to you. (It should be properly noted that you will not be able to immediately or automatically join all of the guilds that you speak to... but they will explain that.)

    Guild members who are approved to act as recruiters will have a special token for their Guild to give you after they've spoken to you. Some Guilds will be happy to speak with you one-on-one, others may ask you to attend a meeting or special recruiting session. Regardless, once you have learned about the Guild - and hopefully asked discerning questions - they will give you the token for the Guild.

    Now, some Guilds are more active than others, and it may prove difficult to locate members of some of them (be sure to ask around!) Due to that difficulty, we strongly recommend that you speak to and learn about as many Guilds as you can. In addition to ensuring that you earn your minimum five tokens, you never know when you'll find a Guild that surprises you and peaks your interest.

    When you are asking around, you may find that some guests have never heard of, or know nothing about, some of the Guilds. Continue asking around since that only means they haven't heard of the group, not that the group is dormant.

    Lastly, remember, you have to join at least one Guild. Choose wisely, and be sure you pick a Guild that matches your interests and schedule (not everyone is awake at the same time.) Lastly, there's no reason why you cannot be involved in more than one Guild... in fact, we encourage it! Just be sure that you do not spread yourself too thin and you are not able to properly assist any of the Guilds you are a member of.

    Hopefully that is somewhat explanatory! Please be sure to assist any new guests that you see with their quests!

    Guildleaders - please contact the Chambers immediately about receiving your Guild Tokens! You will want to have plenty on hand to distribute to your members for when they speak with a new guest. Once a new guest has completed their quests they receive a Welcomed Guest badge from the chambers, which looks like this:

    A shiny round brass badge about the size of an overly-large coin. It is engraved with the symbol of a castle etched in black. The badge is slightly bowed outward in the center and tapering toward the edges. The edge of the badge is slightly ridged.

    Only once a guest is welcomed should the various crafting guilds provide them with anything more the most basic of luxuries. So, no furniture orders, only the most basic clothing, and only the most basic hair styling, until they are well and truly Welcomed.

    Please direct any questions you have to the Chambers!

    Sir Launfal
    Lord Chamberlain

    StoryPlotter Geist