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  • The ClockTower Herald - Issue VII

    Issue VII
    First Day, Second Moon, Fourteenth Year of these Recent Awakenings
    A collection of articles and information about current castle life and events.

    Our Majesty's Newest Guests
    First and foremost, let us welcome the newest awoken guests to Her Majesty's fair realm in the first moon of the fourteenth year of Recent Awakenings, as recorded by the Guild of Awakeners.
    • Albertus
    • Deni
    • Drakenvald
    • Drosnan
    • Erzsabet
    • Ibar
    • Isabel
    • Kleff
    • Leala
    • Lineas
    • Madrigos
    • Quinraed
    • Roisine
    • Valentio

    Recent Promotions
    The Office of the Chronicler would like to congratulate the following on their promotions, as indicated by changes to the Chain of Being:
    • Master Varick to patron of the Duelists' Society
    • sera Blodwen to Corporal of the Winter Watch
    • sera Juliee to Watchwoman of the Winter Watch
    • Sera Auriela to Head of the Outer Bailey Library
    • Sera Carla to Junior Awakener within the Awakeners
    • ser Aratan to Head of the Royal Pages
    • sers Aeros and Kobe to Junior Pages
    • ser Savaric to Junior Chirographer within the Office of the Chancery

    Never Underestimate the Need for Unmentionables
    writ by Mistress Ezraella
    To the pretty seras of the Keep: An elegant partlet, a ravishing chemise, a pair of darling stockings and an exquisite pair of garters should be a staple of your wardrobe. A woman should never, ever be caught without the last three of these four items. Not only is it for modesty's sake but these help against the harsher elements as well. When you adorn yourself in your garb, think modesty and elegance!

    To the dashing sers of the Keep: Are you a manly man? Do you consider yourself to be on the more 'masculine' side of your sex? If that is the case then let me tell you that long-johns are in! Not only will they keep you warm and cozy, but they will give your masculine body a little extra 'oomph', if sewn in just the right places. Order yours today!

    Guild of the Month
    This month The Clocktower Herald is profiling two organizations: The Winter Watch and the Duelists' Society. Normally, we would publish the piece delivered first into our hands, but in this case, they arrived simultaneously.
    The Winter Watch
    The Winter Watch is an office under Her Majesty's Chancery, responsible for upholding peace and order and administering the law in the Outer Bailey. Established many centuries ago by the Chancellor, Lord Boreas, it was led by Corporal Petris since knighted until recent years. Some years ago, the Watch was briefly re-organized as the Castle Sentry, but was eventually reformed back into the Winter Watch.

    The Winter Watch is overseen by the Royal Provost, who holds an office in High Chancery. The internal ranks of the Watch are, in descending order, Corporal, Armsman, Watchman, and Deputy. Starting from Watchmen, members of the Winter Watch bear arms and are empowered and equipped to make arrests and question people, as well as dispense justice in cases of Misdemeanor crime.

    The roster of the Watch is maintained by the Office of the Chamber on the Great Chain of Being. The current Royal Provost is Sir Priam and the Corporal is sera Blodwen. The Winter Watch is always looking for new deputies to be trained in combat and the administration of law, to serve and protect the Crown and the Queen's guests. Anyone interested and willing should contact the Corporal.

    In its long history, the Winter Watch has produced many knights, both through the Royal Guard and through challenge and appointment, including Sir Anselm, Sir Alrik the Lord Marshal, Sir Petris, Sir Vestio, and Dame Eeva.

    Service in the Winter Watch has also traditionally been a stepping-stone into the Royal Guard and protecting the Court, providing the Guard with experienced recruits already trained in the essentials of their duty.

    The Duelists' Society
    The Society of Duelists is a guild chartered to teach swordsmanship, the Code Duello, and the Chivalric Virtues, and to serve as champions, seconds, and advocates in affairs of honor, as well as to wield their weapons in defense of Crown and Castle. Duelists also act as Eleves to the Court of Honor.

    The original Society was founded by sers Mark Trevayne and Edouard and sera Allenya, for the sanctioned study and teaching of the art of honorable dueling in the Outer Bailey, where at the time only the Winter Watch and certain individual teachers taught swordsmanship.

    The current Society was chartered in the ninth Year of the Recent Awakenings, when on the twenty-fourth day of the tenth moon the first members ser Serione and ser Donovon - took their oaths before Sir Launfal, the Chamberlain. The old Society had been disbanded, and the new Society was founded on a charter written from the ground up to ensure such a thing would never again occur.

    The Society is sponsored by His Royal Highness, Prince Bertram, Master of the Court of Honor, and currently patronized by Master Varick, squire to His Royal Highness. The Duelists are led by a Triad of Seniors, who among them vote and decide on daily issues; but the Society is one of equals, and matters of importance are brought to a vote before the entire Society. The current members of the Triad are sers Donovon, Serione and Skorzany.

    Hopefuls to join the guild need sponsorship from an existing member in order to pledge themselves, and are taught about swordsmanship and honor. The three requirements for induction as a full Duelist are: to be questioned on the Code and the Virtues and found satisfactory by a member of the Senior Triad; conduct a duel from beginning to finish as either a primary (challenger or challenged) or a second; and fight a combat to the blood, for any good and commendable cause or reason. Once these requirements are fulfilled, the candidate is put to a vote before the whole Society.

    Among the privileges accorded by the royal charter of the Society of Duelists are the right to bear arms (to wit a rapier and a parrying dagger), wear certain distinctive articles of clothing (a cavalier hat and tabard), nominate teachers among the Society, and blanket sanction for duels involving a Duelist as a primary, or Duelists as seconds to both parties. Those hoping to become Duelists should contact any Duelist, recognizable by their plumed cavalier hats or their feather pins or their rapiers. Copies of the charter may be lent at request to those who are yet uncertain of their interest.

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    Courtesy and Friendship; Are They Mutually Exclusive?
    writ by Lady Sinvy
    Courtesy is such a complex part of civilized society that it is often misunderstood in many ways. There are two common misconceptions about the purpose and attitude relating to Courtesy. The first is that being courteous makes you a "snob" and that those who are courteous are "snobs." The second being that being courteous means you must be friendly or friends with an individual.

    The first misconception and the second tend to tie together more often than not. Someone who practices the virtue of Courtesy and therefore is courteous is in no way a snob, they are acting in a manner befitting a civilized being according to the established virtues of the society in which we live in now. Likewise, just because someone educates another in Courtesy, be it through example or direct verbal and written education does not make them a snob or mean they are being rude to you. There have been many times where I have heard or seen someone get upset or flat out angry because someone - no matter how politely - corrected them or acted correctly.

    An example of such would be to individuals in the pillory or on distraint. It is not rude or inappropriate for someone to disregard these individuals as they are -beneath contempt- and have eschewed Her Majesty's generosity by refusing to follow the Law in which She has laid down for the benefit of everyone. Therefore, it is socially frowned upon to coddle these individuals, friend or not, because to encourage the breaking of the law endangers the whole of the population and Society.

    The second misconception that seems to run rampant is that to be courteous one must be friendly. This is most certainly -not- the case. No where in our society does one imply the other and to assume such is considered inappropriate. Courtesy does not require that one smile, hug, nickname, inquire about the weather or even invite people to join them for cake. It does require that betters be acknowledged by lessers and that people adhere to the basic respect afforded to all individuals not under arrest or held outside of Her Majesty's good graces.

    I have often heard chatter about how rude an individual was, only to learn that they had simply not been bursting with enthusiasm, being in possession of a bubbling disposition or in the mood to socialize with and coddle their peers or lessers. While I can see how this could be off putting for the majority of our population, it is always important to remember that not everyone is or even wishes to be friends with everyone else, and that because they choose this path does not make them discourteous, but merely makes them human.

    In short, being courteous to others does not make you a snob, it means you are bettering your character by pursuing one of the society's key virtues and just because someone is courteous does not mean they are expected to be your friend or have to act as if they are. The Courtesy Circle asks that you keep these in mind when interacting with your peers and betters and try not to cultivate perceptions that are incorrect and impede your own virtue.

    Upcoming Events
    Do you have your calendar ready? Mark the dates for these upcoming events:

    The Winter Ball
    The Aristocracy is eagerly awaiting the Winter Ball, planned by the Mistress of Entertainments, Mistress Ranowan Ophidias. Scheduled to begin at 9 late bells on the twenty-third day of this moon, the magical evening will take its guests to the Avalonian Ballroom, located through the silver archway in the Inner Bailey's Winter Gardens. This event is for members of the Court and their guests only.

    Love, Respect & Admiration
    For those unable to attend the Winter Ball (and even those who can!), there is an Outer Bailey event scheduled for the twelfth day, starting at seven late bells, in the Bowling Lounge. Hosted by seras Carla and Euphelia, the event allows Her Majesty's Guests to anonymously submit the names of those they love (whether it is romantic or platonic), respect and admire, ensuring the person of note receives a special invitation and gift. Anonymous submissions received after the tenth may not have specific invitations sent out, but submissions will be welcome to the gift hand-out. There will be music, dancing and food for those who attend.

    Notice of Open Meetings: Office of the Chronicler
    The Office of the Chronicler invites all interested individuals and people with a passion for information and news to attend its open bells, held each Sun's Day at eight late bells. The office is located in the bell tower, on the third level. The door is often closed as it opens onto the outdoors, but ring the bell and you'll be let in.

    Open Martial Practice with the Battle Guild
    The Battle Guild invites all law-abiding denizens with an interest in the blade to come and participate in its open practices, held in the Outer Bailey Practice Hall. Check the bulletin board and calendar for times. Anyone with interest in the Battle Guild are recommended to attend.

    Examine the Virtues with the Society of Duelists
    The Duelists' Society continues its series of lectures on the Honour Virtues. Hosted by ser Donovon, these lectures each examine one of the many chivalric virtues, which are the basis for Castle Marrach's honour system. Come and join ser Donovon in the Outer Bailey Lecture Hall for the last few lectures in this series. Check the bulletin board for time and day.

    Come smell the flowers with the Garden Society
    Sera Gabriela, acting Guild-Mistress of the Garden Society, invites all interested parties to the weekly open meetings of the Garden Society. Located across the hall from the Outer Bailey Practice Hall, the Garden Society's space is home to herbs, plants and flowers. The Society is recruiting enthusiastic denizens who have a desire and passion to learn about plants, flowers, and their meanings are encouraged to seek sera Gabriela. The office opens at seven late bells every Saturn's day.

    Master the Courtly Dance
    Ser Donovon's dancing classes return. Master the Courtly dances in time for the Winter Ball. Dancing takes place in the Outer Bailey Theatre every Woden's day at 10 late bells with practices running roughly an hour. The theater is found at the very top of the south tower stairs. All are welcome.

    Open Positions
    The Herald wishes to provide the castle residents with a list of currently-open positions amongst the available groups and guilds. If you wish to publish an opening within your own guild or group, please send a missive to any currently-active Chronicler with a three-sentence description of the position, a short list of requirements, and whom to contact for more details.

    Aspirant Chronicler, Office of the Chronicler
    The Office is always on the lookout for talented writers who have a critical eye and a nose for stories. A good way to meet many new people, as well as make a name for oneself in a relatively short time. Be a part of one of the castle's oldest institutions.

    Must be able to write fluently in Common
    Must not have been tried for High Crimes (such as treason)

    Contact: Senior Chronicler Euphelia

    Pledge, Duelists' Society
    The Society of Duelists welcomes any law-abiding member of Her Majesty's kingdom to come and delve into the world of honourable conduct and chivalric virtues. Weekly blade practices are augmented by honour virtues lectures on a weekly basis.

    A willingness to learn and abide the law and respect the honour virtues.

    Contact: Sers Donovon, Serione, Skorzany

    Looking Back
    What happened this moon, in years prior? Lady Avaria, the Royal Archivist, takes a look back and shares her findings:

    Year Three
    2/7: Court of Chancery Convenes: the Case of Her Majesty versus sera Santlar on the charge of Corruption. Sera Santlar is judged guilty and sentenced to one year of imprisonment. 2/13: The Royal Family hosts a private dinner for members of the Order of the Disk of the Longest Day.

    Year Five
    2/14: Adayne peaceably interacts with a young basilisk in the refectory. 2/23: A very large, white-furred, ethereal fox is encountered in the Royal Garden.

    Year Seven
    2/22: An old, brittle book discovered in the refuse room is unlocked, freeing a small fairy pressed within its pages.

    Year Eight
    2/19: Sections of the Grand Bridge collapse due to storms and quakes, further undermining its stability. 2/24: The clouds above the Castle part, throwing temperatures into an intensive, freezing cold.

    Year Nine
    2/10, 2/22, 2/29: Denizen volunteers worked to cut stone to aid in repairing the Grand Bridge. More than fifty blocks are produced.

    Year Eleven
    2/19: In a final confrontation, the Lightrend Ritual is successfully completed, Umbrage destroyed, and the Darkness driven back into the bowels of Mount Ardan.

    Year Twelve
    2/26: A formal celebration is held in the Royal Garden, celebrating the Ennoblement of Ladies Chorus and Etaine.

    Call For Submissions
    If you wish to submit an article for the Herald's next publication, please send a query to Senior Chronicler with a brief description of the article you wish to write. Please include information such as its intent and target audience. Please note that the Office of the Chronicler reserves the right to refuse an article at its own discretion. Articles should be kept free of grammatical errors and be written in a clear, concise manner.


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      Special Thanks
      The Office of the Chronicler would like to recognize the following individuals for their contributions, dedication and support: Ladies Avaria and Sinvy, Sir Priam, Dame Catharsis, Mistresses Cordelia and Ezraella, seras Carla and Gabriela, and sers Aratan, Donovon and Serione.

      For any questions, comments or queries, please directly contact Senior Chronicler Euphelia.

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      So says the Clock Tower bell,
      "May the Queen flourish and Her enemies diminish until my call of bells doth finish."