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  • The ClockTower Herald - Issue VIII

    Issue VIII
    First Day, Third Moon, Fourteenth Year of these Recent Awakenings
    A collection of articles and information about current castle life and events.
    Our Majesty's Newest Guests
    First and foremost, let us welcome the newest awoken guests to Her Majesty's fair realm in the second moon of the fourteenth year of Recent Awakenings, as recorded by the Guild of Awakeners:
    • Airic
    • Baristan
    • Cylin
    • Graciela
    • Essus
    • Ilaria
    • Jacksen
    • Jadi
    • Kinzie
    • Kittie
    • Kurtiss
    • Lorelle
    • Mnemosyne
    • Rebellion
    • Ryess
    • Sibylle
    • Syrwina
    • Tarnis
    • Teddy

    Recent Promotions
    The Office of the Chronicler would like to congratulate the following on their promotions:
    • sera Mena, assistant to Lady Hieronyma
    • sera Euphelia to bodyservant to Lady Chorus
    • ser Westley to assistant-guildmaster of the Unity of the Arts
    • sera Roisine to Junior Chronicler
    • sera Alenna to Junior Librarian
    • ser Vaden to Mummer in the Unity of the Arts
    • ser Keiran to Watchman of the Winter Watch
    • seras Carla and Kassa to Junior Pages
    • sera Cephaea to pledge in the Society of Duelists
    • sers Valentino and Voltamir to Aspirant Chroniclers
    • sers Airic, Kruel and Rufi to Deputies of the Winter Watch
    • ser Fezwin to Teacher in the Battle Guildand bodyservant to Lord Sicard
    • ser Kobe to Senior Page, Junior Student in the Embinders' Association
    • ser Kobe and seras Jadi and Graciela to Harlequins in the Unity of the Arts
    • ser Duothuan and seras Essus, Leala and Roisine to Battler Guild

    Proper Sword Care
    writ by Sir Vestio
    A sword, like any other tool, is only as useful as the person that wields it. For this reason, we engage in practice and seek to hone our prowess in whatever field we have chosen. This philosophy holds true for the upkeep of a blade as well. As an extension of the combatant, we must keep the blade as well-kept as we would the mind or the body. To do so, one must understand the most basic nature of metallurgy. Metals, like your skin, are full of tiny holes and imperfections. Through these holes, water both enters and exits the body and the blade. And like skin exposed to the elements can become dry and cracked, a blade can become pocked, rusted, and brittle.

    To prevent this from happening, a blade should be kept sharp and properly coated in a thin layer of blade oil. You would do well to coat the scabbard with the same if you intend to house your blade there rather than in a weapon-rack.
    A blade should also be kept clean of debris and other foreign particles such as snow or blood. If done as a daily ritual, the upkeep of the blade becomes just as much a part of the warrior's journey as any other practice.
    Guild of the Month
    The Outer Bailey Library is a simple but welcoming room, located at the bottom of the stairs that lead towards the Crafters' Hall. Officially formed in the second Year of Recent Awakenings through the good intentions of various guests, foremost of which was sera Drusilla, the Outer Bailey Library was intended to be a way to store historical or informative literature and to provide all guests with the opportunity to read and share such works at their leisure and in peaceful surroundings. There are even a few art collections available to view. Originally, the library was little more than an idea, with hardly any books and those that were available, were kept in a single trunk. At that time, the staff were called 'Athenaeum,' rather than the current title of Librarian.

    Since then, it has grown into its name with wide variety of literature available for visitors to read on site. Around one hundred of the available titles are also available to borrow on a short loan basis via the library's innovative lending scheme. This was made possible by the generosity of the library's supporters and the hard work of library staff in diligently copying each book. More information on the lending scheme can be obtained upon inquiry during library open bells.

    Everyone begins as Librarians in Training and with hard work and dedication they may advance to Junior and thence Senior Librarians. One will become the Head Librarian who will assign an Assistant Head Librarian. Anyone wishing to become a librarian would need to exhibit qualities of courtesy and an affinity for conversing with any guest who might require a book. A high level of literacy is not required as this would be taught during the training period.

    Should any guest wish to consider joining the Outer Bailey Library, please contact Junior Librarian Auriela.
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    Courtesy in Love and Romance
    writ by Lady Sinvy
    Much of the time we must focus on the basics of Courtesy. How to bow, when to nod, why to curtsy and to whom and so forth. However, there is a topic within the layers of Courtesy that touches on one of the softer sides of human nature; Love and Romance. Affection is not limited to rank*, race or gender. It is a universal emotion felt by everyone to some degree. You may feel it toward a garment, toward an animal or toward a person, but it is felt. We shall be discussing human affection today.
    While the basics of Courtship Courtesy have been explored in previous Courtesy in a Nutshell editions, I wish explore how Courtship Courtesy and Fine Amour interact.

    The art of Fine Amour is the decorous display of love and adoration from an appropriate distance. Fine Amour is the epitome of Courtly Romance, suitable to be practiced by all ranks. It is typically reserved for those who are unattainable, by being within a Courtship (not to be confused with Suiting), by being Wed or by being highly ranked. This does -not- mean it is exclusive as such.

    Fine Amour at its core is the art of wooing and being wooed. This is an important part of interaction between a couple as it breeds deeper affection and more fulfilling romance. It is, to me, an essential component to any part of the Courtship process.

    It plays its most important role during the process of Suiting and being Suited. There are a couple of reasons for this. During the process of suiting or being suited, you are trying to earn or gain the affection of someone through your own merits, deeds and so forth. This is -not- an assured victory to their heart, so you bear yourself to the individual without expectation of their romance. It is a pure display of the heart.
    The ultimate goal, in most cases, of pressing suit is to win the heart of the individual you are pressing suit to. To quote from the Courtesy in a Nutshell on Courtship Courtesy;

    "If a couple is only suiting the bare minimum of contact and privacy should be had as this is the friendly stage where you get to know each other mentally and emotionally. Escorting and the kissing of hands is acceptable. One should not linger overmuch in their direct presence or frequently vanish to unknown locations as this gives the impression that they are more than suiting."

    As previously stated, Fine Amour and Pressing Suit are intertwined. You press suit to an individual without the expectation of reciprocation. In doing such, you enter into a state of play with the individual; you trying to win their heart and they are trying to deter you from or allow you to as they will. This is the proving grounds of Romance.

    The appropriate actions of one pressing suit are to be courteous and respectful to the individual you are interested in and vice verse. This should be an action to anyone, but it becomes more intimate once you decide you wish to know someone better. You may grant unto them poetry, compliments, small gifts and may serve as escort** to them for social events. You must not crowd them, treat them as "yours" or be disrespectful of their personal space. If you are being suited, you may treat them as you please, so long as it is polite. You do not need to accept their gifts, nor are you expected to gift them in return, you may thank them for the poetry, and accept their escort.

    In many cases, the affection and suit are reciprocated - eventually. However, in some cases the other party is merely uninterested. You may continue to press suit to the individual, but be careful it does not hinge on obsessive behaviour. If you are being suited by an individual or individuals that you do not care to get to know, wish them to cease and so forth, merely ask them. If they persist in a manner you find inappropriate or intimidating, it is then suggested you seek the Courtesy Circle, Winter Watch or Royal Guard as it has clearly turned into unacceptable attention.

    * It is limited to rank in how it may be pursued though.
    ** Not an official escort if the individual is an un-Knighted member of Court

    The Adventures of Noggin and Narf
    Ch. 1 - The Seer, Crazybeard
    writ by an Anonymous Storyteller
    Once upon a time, in a frozen tundra far, far away, lived two adventuring souls by the names of Noggin and Narf. These two lads had battled skeletons, had triumphed over ogres and trolls, and even bearded a dragon in its own den. Of course, old Crazybeard hadn't liked that much...

    Noggin, the leader of the two, was a tall and strapping man, with dark golden hair, the sort that caught in a breeze and flew back from his face in a dashing manner. A single flutter of his eyelashes could send seras all a-flutter, and he walked with one hand on his sword hilt, ready to beat away the jealous men. A genial giant, Noggin easily brokered deals and was seen as a friendly, gullible fellow, for while the gods had blessed Noggin with a beautiful noggin, they had given him a mostly empty one. He was leader only because his partner had no use for anyone else.

    That's Narf. Sarcastic and pessimistic, Narf was handsome, when he stopped scowling and smirking. Which he never did. No one knew what Narf's real name was. Legend says he was given the name because after he cut people to pieces with his sharp wit and burned them with his scorching tongue, it was the only sound his victims could make. Narf kept his hair covered by a blue bandana, and under a hat. No one touched Narf's hat--he had chopped people to pieces over the plumed and brimmed creation. If it wasn't for Noggin, whom he stuck by for some reason, Narf would have likely stooped to villainy, if only for the entertainment value.

    But keeping Noggin alive was Narf's responsibility, given to him by the Great Seer Dragon, Crazybeard, in return for letting them live for cutting off his centuries-long beard. As the seer had said, cutting off a dragon's beard was worthy of a painful, slow death, but after a few centuries, it did need a trim.

    With the money gained from Crazybeard, Noggin and Narf had bought a small snow-moss farm. All was well and two years has passed when they were summoned in dreams to attend the dragon seer. The two made the long and arduous trek up the mountainside, battling through blizzard and beast, to stand before the now stubbly-chinned Crazybeard.

    "'Lo, Crazystubble," Narf said, strutting into the dragon's cave. The resulting snort of sulfurous breath blew the sarcastic mortal through the cave's mouth, and would have launched him off the side of the cliff had not Noggin caught him in his handsome arms.

    "I have seen the futures, young humans," Crazybeard rumbled, a trail of smoke slithering from one fuzzy nostril. "There are three futures, and one is most dire. What future comes hinges on you two heroes. Do nothing, and it will be the end of all."

    Noggin and Narf looked at each other briefly. A breeze flowed through Crazybeard's cave, blowing back Noggin's hair. Noggin struck a pose, and from somewhere, a beam of starlight struck him, making him virtually shine like a little god. Narf sighed.

    "We will do what you bid us, Crazybeard," Noggin said, his voice heroically booming through the cave.

    "What are our options?" asked Narf. "You said there were three."
    Crazybeard snaked his large head down to peer at Narf, huffing at the human's temerity. His foul dragon's breath blew the hat right off Narf's head, while dashingly ruffling the nearby Noggin's golden mane. Noggin shifted his pose slightly, becoming somehow more heroic.
    Narf spit on the floor, then fetched his hat.

    "Impetuous human!" roared Crazybeard. "I will tell you nothing but this: NORTH or SOUTH, you will affect the future and fates. Stay and doom is certain! Go SOUTH and only one man returns. GO NORTH and you will MULTIPLY."

    "That makes it easy," beamed Noggin. "Let's head north!"

    Narf shook his head. "Let's go south. Please. South."

    Which direction should Noggin and Narf travel? Send your choices to Euphelia before Y14-03-20 to affect the tale.

    * Some characters in Noggin and Narf may appear to resemble residents of Castle Marrach. This is intentional, and characterizations are made in good fun. Noggin and Narf will not be published if characterizations are meant to be a swipe at individuals. If you want to be part of the story in some way, contact Euphelia so she can pass on the request.


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      Looking Back
      What happened this moon, in years prior? Lady Avaria, the Royal Archivist, takes a look back and shares her findings:

      Year Three

      3/3: Master Guillaume, Master of Entertainments at the start of the current era, was fatally poisoned by a glass of claret. His death marks the beginning of the alleged Curse which dooms all Mistresses of Entertainments to short terms of service.

      Year Four
      3/20: The wedding of sera Astana and ser Viceran of the Inquisition was officiated by Acolyte Ophidias in the Outer Bailey Shrine.
      3/28: Ser Gonzalo, supposed Royal Jester to King Salaam de Salaam, is seen throughout the Castle. It would later be discovered that ser Gonzalo was in fact an enchanted doll which had traded places with sera Sham when she tried on its hat.
      3/30: The wedding of sera Zenaida and ser Dittersdorf was officiated by Lady Charmiam in the Outer Bailey Shrine.

      Year Six
      3/4: A memorial is held for Lord Mielyr, Royal Chirugeon and former Dean of the Royal Collegium, in the Royal Chapel. The Doctor had been slowly poisoned by his senior-most Apprentice, Severin. Following the memorial, Her Majesty led those present to the Royal Garden and, through communion with the Castle itself, called the Collegium Tower into being as a standing tribute to the Doctor's accomplishments.
      3/11: Master Orson and two of his students are witnessed transporting an enormous white rose -- the product of an alchemical experiment -- from the Alchemist's Hall to the workrooms in the Outer Bailey's Basement. The rose is currently displayed in the Inner Bailey's Royal Collegium Tower.

      Year Seven
      3/15: The goblin Bartox Dimdweller is discovered in the refuse pile by a party of denizens working to clear debris into the furnace.

      Year Eight
      3/4: A loud thump of air, a flap of wings and the passage of a large silhouette over the Outer Bailey signal the first appearance of the Gargoyle, Cebrix, who now stands upon the Western Battlement.
      3/10: Lady Berthe, who had reportedly been attacked by a shadowy woman while meeting with Lord Gracien, perished utterly while attempting to contact Her Majesty. Her passing was marked by a mournful howl of wind which passed through the entire Castle.
      3/23: A Siren visits the Castle; her song draws the attention of many sers before she is banished.

      Year Nine & Ten
      9/3/29: The Castle's fifth Winter Ball is held in the Avalonian Ballroom. Guests were gifted with pouches of mist, crystal rings, and glass spheres containing fish.
      10/3/29: The Castle's sixth Winter Ball is held in the Avalonian Ballroom. Guests were gifted with golden dragon figurines and crystal music boxes in the shape of a variety of mythical creatures.

      Year Eleven
      3/12: A fatal disease contracted through intimate contact with the UnAwakened Dead (known to some as 'Zombie Pox') claimed some of its earliest victims. The original victim appears to have been ser Foon.

      Year Twelve

      3/26: A funeral is held for Watchwoman and Royal Artist, sera Ennah on the Outer Bailey's Southern Terrace.

      Year Thirteen
      3/1: Prince Bertram formally announces the Treasury's Coin Exchange program

      Upcoming Events
      Do you have your calendar ready? Mark the dates for these upcoming events:

      Royal Museum Information Session

      Lady Avaria invites all interested members of Her Majesty's realm to join her for an information meeting in the Royal Museum, located on the third level through the south courtyard stairs in the Outer Bailey, at six-and-a-half late bells on the FIRST day of the THIRD moon. She is seeking volunteers to help open the Museum more often for Her Majesty's guests and Court to enjoy.

      Notice of Open Meetings: Office of the Chronicler
      The Office of the Chronicler shall open its office every Sun's day at seven late bells. The office can be found in the clock tower, located through the north tower (dungeon stair) on the third level. You may want to arrive directly after the bell, it is pretty loud. Due to the office opening onto the outdoors, the door shall be closed; ring the bell for entry.

      Unity of Arts Concert
      There shall be a Unity of Arts concert on SIXTH day of the THIRD Moon at seven late bells in the Outer Bailey Theatre, featuring some of the Unity's finest songstresses. This shall be an evening to celebrate voice, specifically. Any additional singers that would like to showcase their talents at the concert are invited to contact ser Westley.

      Come smell the Roses
      The Garden Society opens its doors every Saturday at two late bells. Located across the hall from the practice hall, anyone with an interest in growing plants - flowers and herbs - are welcome to drop in, as are anyone who would like to place orders.

      Open Positions
      The Herald wishes to provide the castle residents with a list of currently-open positions amongst the available groups and guilds. If you wish to publish an opening within your own guild or group, please send a missive to any currently-active Chronicler with a three-sentence description of the position, a short list of requirements, and whom to contact for more details.

      Clerk, Noble Household
      A clerk to act as secretary and possibly treasurer to Her Majesty's Lady-in-Waiting, Lady Chorus, is being sought.

      Established Guest, Honoured Guest preferred
      Working level of Northern and a drive to perfect it in short order
      Courteous and proper behaviour
      No criminal record

      Sera Euphelia

      Aide, The Office of the Treasury

      If you have a head for math and manners to suit the Winter Court, an position as an aide in the Royal Treasury has come open.

      High level of Courtsey and good manners
      Basic sense of Northern - furthering your education will be required in the future
      Good sense of Math
      Diligence and motivation to serve
      Waking time of over a moon


      Mistress Tristana

      Gardener, The Garden Society
      The Garden Society is a group dedicated to the promotion, study, and distribution of all the beautiful plants, flowers, herbs, and trees in Castle Marrach. Recently we have welcomed a new patron, sera Mena and will be discussing fantastic new ideas for events, meetings, and lectures with our sponsor Lady Hieronyma! We have an active and enthusiastic guildmistress, sera Gabriela and several other members including seras Carla and Rosalynn and sers Vaden, Galvin, and Fezwin. The future of the Garden Society is very bright and we just so happen to be looking for more interested denizens to join our ranks.


      Courteous with a love of healthy soil and growing plants.


      Guildmistress Gabriela

      Aspirant Chronicler, Office of the Chronicler

      The Office is always on the lookout for talented writers who have a critical eye and a nose for stories. A good way to meet many new people, as well as make a name for oneself in a relatively short time. Be a part of one of the castle's oldest institutions.


      Must be able to write fluently in Common
      Must not have been tried for High Crimes (such as treason)

      Senior Chronicler Euphelia

      Call For Submissions
      If you wish to submit an article for the Herald's next publication, please send a query to Senior Chronicler with a brief description of the article you wish to write. Please include information such as its intent and target audience. Please note that the Office of the Chronicler reserves the right to refuse an article at its own discretion. Articles should be kept free of grammatical errors and be written in a clear, concise manner.
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        Special Thanks
        The Office of the Chronicler would like to recognize the following individuals for their contributions, dedication and support: Ladies Avaria and Sinvy, Dame Catharsis, Sir Vestio, Mistresses Cordelia and Tristana, seras Auriela, Carla, Gabriela and Mena, sers Aratan, Leodegrance and Westley, and the anonymous author of Noggin and Narf. The Office of the Chronicler would also like to thank its readers for their feedback and welcomes all comments, questions and queries. Please directly contact Senior Chronicler Euphelia.
        Previous Editions