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Alone, all alone

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  • Alone, all alone

    Characters online:

    Amos, Daris, Dysan, Elsie, Elysium, Nino, StoryCoder Aziel, StoryPlotter Molim and Storyhost Vretil.

    It's 5am Castle time. There are apparently 6 players online, but I haven't seen one! Not a single person in an hour! *cries*

    Alone, all alone... I guess I should go and do something with my day, as it is midday where I am. *sniff*

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    Nino is a system admin. So you wouldn't see him either.

    That's nothing compared to the time it was just an afk Aziel and myself. Hehehe!

    And ask any of the extreme oldbies (first 6 months of the game) how lonely it could get at times.


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      Very..very very lonely. You could even be online by yourself sometimes!
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        Worry not!

        I start my 3rd shift job tonight and will be on at that time when I'm getting home... So I'll be around.

        So we can all be lonely together!

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