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  • I say potato...

    Lots of people get the pronunciation of Dweia wrong. I think the mass of vowels trip them up. *grin*

    Jase says it 'DWEE-uh'. I say it 'DWAY-uh'.

    Mairead's player and I say 'Samia' and 'Bryony' differently (Don't you guys feel special that you came up in conversation? Heh). I say 'sa-MIA' and 'bry-OH-nee', Mair says it 'SAM-ia and 'BRY-oh-nee' (I have a feeling Mair's right on the Bryony one though).

    So how does everyone pronounce their character names?
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    I bet most people call me MAIR-read?

    It's actually MAWR-reed, though you could also say MAWR-rayt as well.


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      I normally type it, and don't worry about how other people pronounce it. But, if they would like to do it correctly, it sounds like "zeek" the 'a' throws people off.



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        My pronunciations (not necessarily correct):

        Dweia - DWAY-uh
        Samia - SAY-me-uh
        Bryony - BRY-on-ee
        Mairead - MAY-reed (oops)
        Salain - SAL-ain (not difficult)
        Charmiam - SHARM-ee-am
        Faer - FAY-er (run together as one syllable)

        Most of the other chars I can think of and spend significant time with are IMO obvious.


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          Ok, I think I would be *very* hard pressed finding anyone who couldn't pronounce Elsie.

          I mean, guys.

          Elle-see. L-C. Probably among one of the easiest names in the Castle.

          Dweia = DWAY-ah.
          Bryony = BRY-oh-nee.
          Samia = SAM-ee-ah.

          Names I do not know how to pronounce!

          Charmiam = chAR-mee-am ? Ch like church, not char as in shar. Am I right? Or wrong? I must admit, Charmiam is a hard one.

          Ophidias = o-FID-ee-as ?

          Zenaida = zen-AID-ah ? I'm guessing that one's right...

          Lydia !


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            Hm...I always pronounced it 'Doo-ee-ah.' Although, now that I look at it, that really doesn't make much sense at all.


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              I'm still a newly , but my name is pretty unique to me, and very personal, so I would request it be pronounced thus:


              ...the vee-AY part rolling together nicely.

              'Cause I intend on stickin' around! Thank you all, and good night...
              Our princess is in another castle!


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                Gah, you people *better* know how to pronounce Faith. Just say Fate, only had a -th at the end. Capish?

                Dweia: Dway-ah
                Elsie- LC. HAHA.
                Bryony- Bryon. EEEEEEEEE.
                Ophidias- Oh-fidias
                Samia- Sam-ee-a
                Aislinn- Ah-ee-sh-len

                ...Eh. I'm tired.

                This one's a goody: We had a character named Siobhan a looooooong time ago, and everyone pronounced her name like it is spelled: See-oh-ban. But wait! THERE'S MORE! It's really:


                I thought that was the most misunderstood name *ever*.



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                  Dweia - DWEE-ah. Figure that out, eh?
                  Salain - Sal-AIN. Oops.
                  Mairead - MWA-reed?
                  Bryony - for a while it was BREE-oh-nee (Mike!'s doing ), then BRY-oh-nee
                  Aislinn - Whatever. Say it "bubba" and I don't care. It's Celtic, so I bet all of us are saying it wrong.

                  "Four A.M. knows all my secrets."


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                    Oh yeah.

                    Salain = Sah-LANE. Salane. Hmph.


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                      Aislinn - ASH-ling.

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                        Rikka is pretty easy to pronounce. Although some might say it like Rick-ah when its really Reek-kah ^_^\/
                        ( っ '๐')づ# I was going to give you this waffle
                        #さ('๐' さ ) But then i was like...
                        (>'#'<) I'm hungry.
                        (。◕‿◕。) So i ate it.


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                          Heh... there were endless conversations at the con about name pronunciations. I think the most memorable ones I learned were

                          Xios: Hee-ose
                          Ophidias: Oh-fidd-ee-uss

                          Needless to say my pronunciations were way off. *grin*
                          A glutton for punishment.


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                            Aislinn - KAH lee

                            One I bet everyone of you mispronounces is my own name:
                            Garrik - BOB

                            lol... no really:
                            GAER-rick. The GAER could almost sound like two syllables, but they aren't. It almost sounds like 'gay', but it's not.
                            Sounds like 'tear' as in tearing a piece of paper, followed by 'rick'

                            What it isnt:
                            • GAY-rick
                            • GAH-rick
                            • GAR-ick (car)
                            Last edited by Garrik; 08-11-2002, 09:18 PM.
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                              Hmm. Jess and Lydia? My wife has informed me that you are correct and I am wrong, and that when I pronounce Salain I do indeed stress the second syllable. Oops.