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Is Castle Marrach Dying?

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  • Is Castle Marrach Dying?

    Hello everyone,
    I'm an old player returning to Castle Marrach for the fourth time. I have had so many fond memories of role playing in the Castle. However, it seems that nowadays the number of players on at one time has dwindled to near non-existent. I've played on and off in 2007, 2010, 2012 and last night I just subscribed again. If this game still has a strong player base and I'm just missing it please leave the IN GAME (EST) times that most of you are on so that I can make some new RP memories. I may not be the only one with this issue... so I'll leave a poll below.


    Rhomulus' player
    00:00 - 04:00
    04:00 - 08:00
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    20:00 - 00:00

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    It's 6 p.m. EST right now and there are 14 people on. I hear it's generally slow this time of year, but will pick back up again, so try not to be discouraged. There's definitely RP to be had.

    Welcome back, by the way!
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      Many thanks for the responses thus far. I am glad to hear that there are time where more than 4-5 people are on. Even that wouldn't be so bad if everyone weren't idle or in areas that the OB folk cannot access. I'll keep at it, hopefully I'll luck out and find a large group the next time I log in.

      PS- thanks for the welcome


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        Online[21] (18:47 EST): Adahn, Adeline, Armswoman Natasha, Aulus, Braedan, Dame Galatea, Elora, Ezraella, Josie, Juliana, Keyland, Lady Sinvy, Lilly, Major Vincint, Melle, Merrynn, Rayna, Sir Donovon, Tatch, Watchman Gerolt and Wilena.
        The who list ebbs and flows, we usually get a subtle peak in the early afternoon, then it wanes a bit and starts picking up again in the evening start around 6lb or 7lb.

        We're in the quiet time of year right now. Winter season is historically a low population time for the game for the last 6 years or so, and this seems to be a Skotos-wide thing based on conversations I've had with the Skotos Vice President.

        That said, we're about at the end of 'quiet time'. Usually by mid-Jan to early Feb people start filtering back into the game, people who were away or busy during the holidays, Staff that were on break tend to start coming back too and plots and events start popping up (we had one significant albeit unexpected plot event happen New Years Eve that will likely domino into other things in the days to come).

        Population peaks and shortages have always been self-perpetuating in CM. In a community with a playerbase of approx. 50 people, if 20 of them disappear over the holidays for RL reasons and another 20 don't bother to log on and play unless the who list is already at peak, that doesn't leave us with many left willing to come out and play. Shortage of active players only perpetuates less players to come out.

        Welcome back.
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          we had one significant albeit unexpected plot event happen New Years Eve that will likely domino into other things in the days to come
          ...ahem, sorry not sorry.
          Most exciting new years i've had in a while though!


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            If it's any help to your data collection, here's this from this afternoon:

            Online[18] (14:51 EST): Adeline, Blodwen, Dame Galatea, Doctor Dolph, Ezraella, Grimir, Kimmi, Lieutenant Natasha, Lilly, Lord Bernier, Raiya, Serjeant Kruel, Sinistro, Trysha, Vasilisa, Wilena, Xethos and Zafrina.

            There were also 30 on last night around 10pm'ish but I didn't think to copy it then.