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  • Old player passing through

    I don't know how many will recognise the name, since since it's been 10 years since I last played the game. In these couple of weeks in which my workload has basically come to a standstill, I was struck by a sudden pang of nostalgia for the game. I found myself skimming through old posts and funny moments, reading about cool new features, and one thing led to the other... but I didn't reactivate my account. Instead I created a trial one and took a character out for a spin. See how things are. Dust off the old RP book.

    I've been running around as Anva these last few days, and had a blast. I was reminded of why I was so hooked before, and enjoyed some really nice moments. I had fun getting reacquainted with the game, playing with new guys and even meeting some oldbies I'd played with before, and I recognized some awesome names in the who list. I was also reminded of how time consuming and demanding the game is, so I don't know if I'll actually stick around now that work will pick up its pace again. We'll see.

    I didn't want to drop back into non-existence without saying hi to the old gang. All of you I've lost touch with over the years, and with some I even had griefs during my playtime (which I hope is water under the bridge after a decade). I still remember you all with fondness. We had fun. I also wanted to give a holler to those that I got to play with upon this brief return. You all rock hard.

    Lots of love,

    The handler of Brohm, Kumaro, Anva, and others.

    PS: If you excuse the shameless bit of self-promotion, while playing last afternoon I doodled my characters (Link!) as I envisioned they would look like now. If anyone would just like a portrait of theirs, or any other CM related piece, or whatever, I'm always open for commissions. So send me a private message if you're interested.

    PS2: No, Brohm didn't have a beard, but I think he would totally nail the hipster look nowadays.

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    I remember Brohm.

    I think I may have killed him at some point. 10 years ago is a blur of, er, killing people.
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      Originally posted by Lucus View Post

      I think I may have killed him at some point.
      Yes. Yes, you did.


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        Oh heeeeeey! Totally remember you =)
        Merrynn Aduin
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          *waves* Good times!


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            Heeeeeeeey - - -

            I too recently found myself hankering for the old Wintry halls after about more or less a decade away. It's possible I remember you...?

            Anyway- - Cheers mate. *waves*


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              And I TOOOOOOTALLY love playing Sassa with Anva. So much fun and cuteness.

              Hope you manage to find a way to continue. Great fun all the time.

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                Oh, I remember Brohm.....tee-hee.

                Love From That Noble Lady People Love to Hate.....*hums off-key*