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  • Old player passing through

    I don't know how many will recognise the name, since since it's been 10 years since I last played the game. In these couple of weeks in which my workload has basically come to a standstill, I was struck by a sudden pang of nostalgia for the game. I found myself skimming through old posts and funny moments, reading about cool new features, and one thing led to the other... but I didn't reactivate my account. Instead I created a trial one and took a character out for a spin. See how things are. Dust off the old RP book.

    I've been running around as Anva these last few days, and had a blast. I was reminded of why I was so hooked before, and enjoyed some really nice moments. I had fun getting reacquainted with the game, playing with new guys and even meeting some oldbies I'd played with before, and I recognized some awesome names in the who list. I was also reminded of how time consuming and demanding the game is, so I don't know if I'll actually stick around now that work will pick up its pace again. We'll see.

    I didn't want to drop back into non-existence without saying hi to the old gang. All of you I've lost touch with over the years, and with some I even had griefs during my playtime (which I hope is water under the bridge after a decade). I still remember you all with fondness. We had fun. I also wanted to give a holler to those that I got to play with upon this brief return. You all rock hard.

    Lots of love,

    The handler of Brohm, Kumaro, Anva, and others.

    PS: If you excuse the shameless bit of self-promotion, while playing last afternoon I doodled my characters (Link!) as I envisioned they would look like now. If anyone would just like a portrait of theirs, or any other CM related piece, or whatever, I'm always open for commissions. So send me a private message if you're interested.

    PS2: No, Brohm didn't have a beard, but I think he would totally nail the hipster look nowadays.

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    I remember Brohm.

    I think I may have killed him at some point. 10 years ago is a blur of, er, killing people.

    "So far as he is able, a prince should stick to the path of good but, if the necessity arises, he should know how to follow evil."
    - Niccolo Machiavelli

    "Men should be either treated generously or destroyed, because they take revenge for slight injuries - but for severe ones they cannot."
    - Niccolo Machiavelli

    "The weak tend to cling to words as their only defense, while those of us with strength end up dieing trying to protect them - being weak is a sin."
    - Prince Isley


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      Originally posted by Lucus View Post

      I think I may have killed him at some point.
      Yes. Yes, you did.


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        Oh heeeeeey! Totally remember you =)
        Merrynn Aduin-Banner
        Herald, Junior Equerry to Lady Amoret, Nurse, Carpenter


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          *waves* Good times!


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            Heeeeeeeey - - -

            I too recently found myself hankering for the old Wintry halls after about more or less a decade away. It's possible I remember you...?

            Anyway- - Cheers mate. *waves*


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              And I TOOOOOOTALLY love playing Sassa with Anva. So much fun and cuteness.

              Hope you manage to find a way to continue. Great fun all the time.

              May you always be graced always with the Light of Love, the Warmth of Truth and the Peace of True Friends,

              Sassa Elvari,
              Junior Librarian