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The Last Kingdom (BBC/Netflix)

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  • The Last Kingdom (BBC/Netflix)

    Does anyone else watch this?

    I started watching it when the first season came out, and it took about 2 years or so before the second season followed up, after Netflix took it over from BBC. Both seasons are available on Netflix now, it's become my favourite period piece show surpassing beloved Vikings and Game of Thrones.

    The show is based on the series of books, The Saxon Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell, a series of 10 novels with an 11th in the making, that focuses on the viking invasions of Anglo-Saxon Britain aka: The Great Heathen Army, and the efforts of Alfred the Great to unify and take back England from the Danes who have invaded and settled much of Britain. The chief protagonist of the story is Uhtred Ragnarson who is based on Uhtred the Bold, a viking raised warrior fighting in service of the Saxons against the viking invasion, in exchange for having his late Saxon father's lands bestowed to him. His portrayal in the show particularly reminds me of my own character Lucus, which may contribute to some of my interest in the show.

    In any case, super good show, great cast of interesting characters, super recommend it to anyone with Netflix who enjoys medieval warfare and politics themed television. Also for anyone who watches Vikings, season one of The Last Kingdom starts historically just about where season four of Vikings just left off, some of the same historical figures are even portrayed in it (King Athelwulf, Alfred, Ubba Ragnarson, Ivar the Boneless is mentioned but not seen).
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    Loved the first season, had no idea there was a second. Thanks for the update. I will be binge watching
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      I've never seen it, but I'll have my hubby sit and watch it with me since we both love that kind of stuff. Thanks for the recommendation!
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