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    One of the hardest things I've found about being a writer / thinker / human being (lol) is finding a supportive, loving community in which to share the things that matter most to me - particularly, when it comes to my writing.

    Earlier this year, I found this app, rather randomly:

    It's a world-wide community of people who share their "Journey" with the community - openly or anonymously, publicly or privately with their followers / friends. You can share anything you want, and I publish my poetry - much of which comes from Skotos games.

    It's really amazing what happens when you feel you have an audience who cares, a community of people who care for what you're doing.

    So... because CM is a community that has mattered to me, that has been instrumental in inspiring all kinds of creativity in me, I thought I'd pass the link on to you all. Maybe one or more of you will likewise find it interesting.

    P.S. If you're interested in finding me on there, send me a PM and I'll send you the link to my personal pages.

    Thanks for all you guys do,

    Sassa's Player
    Sassa Elvari,
    Poetess / Wordsmith

    Aspirant Teacher, LPA
    Harlequin, The Unity of the Arts

    Poetry is the art of falling in love with minutiae.
    Debate is the art of wielding one's mind and tongue.
    ~ S.E.