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    Lilly reached all her goals! YAY!

    Royal Jeweler and Chief Scribe. She's good! Dreams can happen! Woo hoo!
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      Merry reached her true aspiration as Herald. Now, she has no real goals. Just to be actually super happy and you know, make sure others are too because she's annoying and obnoxious like that >_< unicorns and rainbow colored glasses that one haha
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        I guess with Xandie her main goal is to become a Doctor, which ICly she is on the right path. Another goal I personally have for her is to RP her the right way, and not in a bad way to where she is hated and ends up ruining her reputation. I do hope I am RPing her right, though.

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          Short term for Wilena is be a decent Courtier and Army stuff, which is really simple.

          Long term is be an actual Knight go through the proper steps etc. with it, this is on the back burner though, cause that's where I need it to be, and then I have a few backup plans for her if that falls through.


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            Anby's goals, pretty easy, study everything there is to know about Sorcery, learn it all, and then.... take over the world!

            **She just wants to be a sorcerer.
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              Adeline has reached two of her goals to become the Royal Librarian and Royal Purse Bearer, now she just has to secure those positions and then become a Courtier one day as well as pass the Outer Library to capable hands.

              She wants to join a House but doesn't want to rush that and may wait until she's a member of the Court and it's required. Apprentice Jeweler is also on her list of things.

              Wish her luck!

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                Ves achieved quite a bit already, and I'm thankful.

                Maybe go through a mid-afterlife crisis; get a shiny new set of Ferrari sports-armor, upgrade to a younger-model Princess wife, dye his hair back to brown, join a band. Normal stuff.


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                  I have always played Vaden in a more off the cuff style of simply rolling with where the rp went and where the story took him. I rarely ever set goals for him simply because of the way my playing time jumps around at random.
                  I have of late been looking toward his martial path. He is not a diplomat, he is not a politician. He is, however a fearless and loyal warrior. In that notion, he would like to move to knighthood and eventually be ennobled, having a very active and busy part in supporting martial pursuit among other things.
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                    Just bringing this back up to the front.

                    I also have an idea to pose when asking this question:

                    1. What are your character's goals for the day?
                    2. What are your character's goals for the week?
                    3. What are your character's goals for the month?
                    4. What are your character's goals for the next six months?
                    5. What are your characters top, overall goals?

                    Most people have touched on 5. These are easy, but 1-4 are the ones that keep us playing, the 'journey' goals. These may actually be the most important.

                    Also, I'd be interested to hear what you, as a player NEED to make 1-5 happen. Or, rather, what you THINK you need to see these goals and stories realized.

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                      Originally posted by Odjit View Post
                      Just bringing this back up to the front.

                      I also have an idea to pose when asking this question:
                      This is a good idea, and a great group of questions that I try to ask myself for my characters, but often fail to.

                      1. What are your character's goals for the day?

                      I'll stick with Dolph on this one, since he has the most history for me - When he's up and walking around, his goal is to talk with people - get inside their head, learn who they are, anything that furthers his long term goal of learning more about the way the mind and personality works so that he can provide new information to his group.

                      2. What are your character's goals for the week?

                      It used to be holding a bell each week, but that has dwindled due to low populating Mondays or lack of anything really new to work on. I'm doing some ooc figuring out on how to bring something fresh to the "teaching" table for him so to fix that so I have a weekly "goal" again, but now his goal is more simple: learn something new or meet someone new, or change the perception of something he's doing/in

                      3. What are your character's goals for the month?

                      Get some of the books I've written for him on book form, and finish putting out physical versions of the patient files, a project I've been working on that I'm hoping to get done this month. Something that will provide RP tools for the healers besides just "casting the ability" and standing there RPing the same thing is also on my to-do.

                      4. What are your character's goals for the next six months?

                      Become invaluable enough in his position that he is noticed by more than just those close to him and in his office. It's hard for me to "talk him up", per se, without felling like I'm saying "Oh, Dolph deserves this and that because I worked hard at this and that". He's gotten a lot for the work I've done OOCly and ICly, but I'd be lying if I said that I was finished with him. By six months, I want him to be far more influential in Court as a presence, able to provide favor to elevate others, and support decisions as a cog in the great political wheel in the Inner. Court politics was never something I was into when first playing this game, but it's the one thing I've been working on since I returned a few years back, and there was a plot that gave me the perfect nudge to bring him more into the forefront to do that, so I've been working on it ever since.

                      5. What are your characters top, overall goals?

                      I've touched on that already as you know, but eventually I'd like to see him serving a higher function of Court. Not so much in the job aspect, as he's where I want him job-wise, but intrinsically. A member of higher court with influence and pull, that can affect the lives of others both physically with his skill in Healing, and politically with his favour and respect. Will it happen in the near future? Probably not But without a dream, you're just logging in to check your scrolls.
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                        1. What are your character's goals for the day?
                        -- Josie's every day goal is to make someone smile, and try to leave people happier than she found them. She also tries to fit in teaching of some kind once per day, and completes at least one work-related task, even if it's only something she made up herself to insure she remains productive.

                        2. What are your character's goals for the week?
                        -- Hold all her weekly bells, answer all her missives, spend at least one day socializing more than working, find someone to give her a martial lesson, not lose her sanity, greet at least one new guest and show them around the Castle, talk someone into a new hairstyle, get to know at least one person more than she knew them the week before, attend and support as many other people's events as she can.

                        3. What are your character's goals for the month?
                        -- Plan the next social, visit the Queen's bells, perform a successful ritual, get at least 1 new person interested in the Duelists, teach the newest Duelist pledge about virtues and the Code Duello, resolve an outstanding duel she's the second for, attend a Virtue lecture held by a Knight or Noble, start dance classes back up, help increase attendance at Awakeners bells, get Colby to start holding Duelist bells again of some sort, write a Duelist handbook people can look through when they're interested, finish the sketchbook for the salon so people can have a prop to interact with when they're staring at Twiki, get at least a few more lessons in book-binding, play the violin for someone, figure out why some people aren't writing anymore, don't die.

                        4. What are your character's goals for the next six months?
                        -- Get Lady Sinvy to let her clean and organize her scrolls/room, write combat and weaponry books based off Dame Galatea's lectures and send them into her for approval, hold 3 more social events, get at least 3 new Duelist pledges, get an active Patron for the Duelists if hers is still mostly inactive, become a Courtier, receive more regular lessons and training for the Knight's challenge, be invited to a social event by someone, train Morgenstern to Apprentice level in embinding, see Rhomulus become a full Duelist and receive his hat, order a custom gown, write and perform another ballet, get to know Adayne more and prove she's worthy of her time, not make any huge mistakes, not die, become more confident in herself and her abilities, become more active in the Faith, find more time to spend with Natasha and other friends, awaken 10 people, convince the Conclave to make her a nose stud, stay away from Mirshan, stay away from Boreas, make the Queen proud.

                        5. What are your characters top, overall goals?
                        -- To be remembered fondly as someone who loved and cared, even when people might not necessarily deserve it; become Spring Acolyte in the Faith; participate in the Knight's challenge and if nothing else learn something from it; never die or lose memories; restore proper balance to Marrach; to commit to a political side and stick with it; to give her love and be truly loved in return; to become better with the sword; to continuously nurture and encourage the newly dawned and give them whatever opportunities she can; to maintain kindness and keep her compassion; to be balanced herself; to spread the love for chocolate everywhere; to create at least 100 paintings, 100 poems, and 25 books so that some part of her always remains in the Castle; to learn how to use her ring and uncover the story behind it, and the story behind everything else!; to rejoin the Conclave and the surface through more than just treaty, but actual friendship and trust; to achieve happiness and contentment.

                        It's late and I'm tired, but I probably rambled off most of her stuff.
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                          1. What are your character's goals for the day?
                          -- Find something to do. Not in a whiny way, Euphelia is just a busy type and without specific work at her fingertips, she gets antsy. So do I.

                          2. What are your character's goals for the week?
                          -- Figure out a new event for Frosty Fun Fest

                          3. What are your character's goals for the month?
                          -- Design everything needed for Frosty Fun Fest to cut down on staff workload

                          4. What are your character's goals for the next six months?
                          -- To find a limegreen gown, and/or jump a rank or two so she can wear turquoise again. And more chronicles. More more more chronicles.

                          5. What are your characters top, overall goals?
                          -- Find a way to make the Royal Collegium an interactive and rewarding experience so players want to be part of it and have tangible goals and results for their efforts. Murder Dolph, too. <3


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                            1. What are your character's goals for the day?
                            -Enjoy the Military lifestyle
                            2. What are your character's goals for the week?
                            -Get a lesson,
                            - make one positive impression on a person per week.
                            -Be generally helpful to Newly Awakened and motivate them to stay awake and engaged with the Realm.
                            3. What are your character's goals for the month?
                            -Be respected and liked by his comrades and
                            - be considered an asset by his superiors.
                            - arrive again in the Castle
                            4. What are your character's goals for the next six months?
                            - Gain a solid grasp of and positive reputation in the Regular Army and the Rangers.
                            - Not screw up (or screw in general)
                            -Get promoted if possible.
                            - Touch base with his old friends and make some new ones.
                            - stay informed and establish good relationship with the Healers and become Ranger-Medic
                            5. What are your characters top, overall goals?
                            -Rise as high as he (and I oocly) can reliably handle in time within the Rangers/Royal Army.
                            - Always be a respected member of whatever Unit he may be in.
                            - have nifty state-of-the-art military toys
                            - Make it a point to welcome Newly Awakened and inspire them to take their chances in Marrach, be
                            an "enabler" to them.
                            - Bond his soul with an intelligent magic item with a female conscience, so he will always have his sera present
                            and not prone to sleep.(I would totally romance a CM-like Cortana)
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                              This is for Mitsuko

                              1. Goal for the day:

                              - Interact with someone in a meaningful way. Having a good conversation rather than 'what's news.' Learn someone's story.
                              - Attend at least one social event in which something fun happens (see above)

                              2. Goals for the week:
                              - Lead some form of adventure through the keep; share with people his own experiences and make them wonder
                              - Be thought of as someone who can be resourceful from a mentorship perspective

                              3. Goals for the month:
                              - LEARN SOMETHING NEW <--- doesn't matter what, but Mits is always looking to find new skills and things to acquire
                              - Find something magical to obsess over
                              - Explore some lore of the Castle

                              4 Goals for the next sixth months
                              - Be in a different situation than what was before, instead of doing what he was doing at the beginning. Something appreciably measurable. Putting the finishing touches on his new skill.
                              - Keep maintaining things in the Chambers
                              - making appreciable progress towards his largest and most desired goal:

                              5. Top Overall Goal
                              - Become a Wizard, and a good one at that. Anything he can do to work towards this, within his moral code, is something he wants with every fiber of his being.
                              - Ennoblement would be nice, but that may not be possible.


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                                And then what I need for these goals:

                                1- 2 is mostly based on interacting with people who can return Mitsuko's energy and enthusiasm

                                3 + 4 requires that there is something new, to Mits, about the Castle. New rooms. Etc. Chambers stuff is a constant thing.

                                5 - well, that requires for Wizardry to actually have a coded system and active characters to at least RP with in that regard.