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    Originally posted by Vestio View Post
    I'm posting tonight to say goodbye to my friend Donna, who passed this morning. Donna was a long-time member of the community and the player of Etaine and other characters. For those of you that knew her and her bountiful contributions to our game, you will understand that we are all poorer for her absence. There are no words that can be cobbled together to fully express my appreciation for her friendship, eager mind, sharp wit, and unique voice. I will miss her terribly.

    May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine soft upon your face, and the rain fall gently on your fields. And until we meet again, my friend, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

    I started reading the forums again and this complete shocked me. I am soo very sorry for your loss and for this tragic news. My sincerest condolences to you and to all that knew her.

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      Just stumbled across this. I didn't know Donna personally, nor did Elaine and Yolanda interact, but she was a memorable part of this community and it saddens me to learn of her passing.


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        Hey all. Sorry to reopen a recent wound for you, but this one is fresh for me and it hurts like hell.

        I played CM with Donna for well over a decade, and I have to say, she will forever be sorely missed. We didn't speak much personally outside of the game, but we chatted OOCly often enough inside the client, and we worked well enough on several in-game matters that we were eventually emailing and then texting each other with pressing issues to attend to. I very much doubt if we even used each other's real names all that often, but we always shared a page or two and a laugh about many things Marrach. In the last few years there was rarely a time when we both weren't online when we wouldn't at least page each other with a joke or greeting. I'm sure I'm not the only one who can say this, as she was such an uplifting person that her presence was flocked to.

        Etaine was a part of the castle for Literally as long as I can remember, and though when it came to dominating male presences I thought of someone like Boreas, when it came to females my mind snapped directly to Etaine. When I first heard about the freemium I went and checked the CoB and grinned when I saw 'Lady Etaine' where I last saw it. Up until about ten hours ago, I'd been looking forward to getting reamed out ICly while welcomed back OOCly (again). I can't say enough about Donna or Etaine or any part of her contributions to CM that would do it justice (ha, Chancery pun! She'd love that one... [and a rhyme to boot! Damn, we'd be on a roll by now]), so I'll stop trying. We are all definitely much poorer off without her, and I won't ever be able to picture CM even once without her somewhere in it.

        I know I likely wasn't a huge part of her extensive history with CM, but she was practically integral with mine. It feels exceptionally strange to find myself unable to sleep at 2am because I am crying my eyes out over this, and so I had to let at least a little bit of this out here, otherwise I don't even know what I would do with myself tonight. I'm certain in due time this will flip to me enjoying all those pleasant memories we had, though for now I mourn the loss of potential for sharing any more. I rest easy knowing that she loved CM very much, that she made many parts of the game what they are today, and that in this way she will remain here with us for as long as we remain, and then some.
        ~Ser Talic, H.G.~