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  • Farewell to Donna

    I'm posting tonight to say goodbye to my friend Donna, who passed this morning. Donna was a long-time member of the community and the player of Etaine and other characters. For those of you that knew her and her bountiful contributions to our game, you will understand that we are all poorer for her absence. There are no words that can be cobbled together to fully express my appreciation for her friendship, eager mind, sharp wit, and unique voice. I will miss her terribly.

    May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine soft upon your face, and the rain fall gently on your fields. And until we meet again, my friend, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.


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    I did not know her overmuch, but in the years I played previously and since my return I enjoyed her ability to fully commit to a character and their personality and not stray from it. I am sorry for the loss those of you who knew her better are feeling, and I hope she has found peace and comfort.
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      Thank you for sharing this with the community. I will dearly miss Donna, and I am quite saddened, more than saddened by the turn of events. I had promised her I would come back at the end of this summer after graduate school was over. I will always remember the absolute fun we had in so many ways, the long nights plotting or just playing randomly. The creativity, cutting wit, and how much time we spent together on this game. I know she has found peace and comfort as someone previously said. She has touched this game in so many ways with her writing and creative flair. I was speaking to Odjit about a few things after her passing and we mused over how when she created food it made you literally hungry. She could be so caring and thoughtful, and when you spent time with her it did feel as if the entire world was focused on you for that moment. I am still in shock and will miss my Donna and Howe's Etaine very very much. It's unreal.

      - Karen


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        I did not know her well, but I remember her character with fondness. She will be missed.


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          I knew she was sick but I didn't know it was this bad. Words can't express how much I'll miss her, she really was a wonderful person and player. I hope her final days were good and that god blesses her soul.


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            Thank you for sharing, Nick, your post is beautifully expressed and shares my heart sentiment. May God bless Donna, her family and her loved ones.

            I have many fond memories of Etaine and Ella and I cannot believe that Donna is gone, her contribution to the game and to our community will be dearly missed and never forgotten. I will miss Etaine and I will miss the IC & OOC collaboration on food/clothes/Etaine's singing opportunities. I remember her sharing some backstory on Etaine and I thought it was so cleverly done. She was a truly creative and inspiring person and player, she kept to character all the time with Etaine and could push others to rise up to the challenge.

            I am glad she has found peace from her sickness, she will be dearly missed.
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              Wow, such sad news. I didn't interact with Donna OOC very often, but knew there was a very talented and creative handler on the other side of Etaine. I enjoyed the development and evolution of the character and am glad to see so many of you had built strong personal relationships with Donna over the years. Thank you all for sharing not only the unfortunate news, but also the happier memories of Donna as a vibrant member of our community.


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                Donna and I were far from friends, but her contributions to the game were massive and creative. I am saddened for her family and friends. She will be missed.
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                  While I didn't know her personally, any time I received a @page from her she was always very friendly and amusing. Politics aside, Dolph liked her character as a person and really enjoyed her singing. Donna created a unique character in Etaine and didn't care what anyone thought about her. She was going to do her.

                  It's always sad when someone we know passes away, even if it's not someone we interacted with on a day to day. Ariel will miss taunting the doll-loving prosecutor. Dolph will miss jabbing at her with philosophy. And I'll miss an interesting player who wasn't always acting like a robot.
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                    I worked closely with Etaine, and found her to always hold herself true to her character. Long hours spent talking on so many subjects. She will be dearly missed.

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                      This is such sad news thank you for letting us know.

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                        I ache so badly with this news. I knew she was struggling for a while, but I didnt know how badly. I'll miss her, I always got a kick out of secretly making her smile, talking about howe and old times when no one was around. I hope that I was a cause for her to laugh once in a while, because while I didnt know her as well as some here, I knew her enough and tears are shed in her memory.



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                          I knew Etaine as my older alt and she was lots of fun to role-play with. I will miss her. Rest well my friend. I pray that you have found peace. Sir Howe I know you will profoundly miss her. If you want an old friend to talk to--just let me know.


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                            Oh no. Condolensces all around.
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                              I stumbled across this. Hit me like a truck. She's in a better place now. Belated heartfelt condolences.