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Thank You, JOSIE!!! (Also: Vaden, Rhom, Oriana, Kurzon, et al)

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  • Thank You, JOSIE!!! (Also: Vaden, Rhom, Oriana, Kurzon, et al)

    To Josie's Player:

    I have just received some extremely exciting news that I wanted to share publicly with the CM community - and particularly with you:

    I submitted the first poem I wrote at your Ardor Day poetry bell to a national poetry contest --

    And it is going on to the semi-finals, will be published in an anthology of poetry that will be sold on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble bookstores, and I have the chance at winning $2,000 if I make it to first place!

    This will be the first piece of poetry, the first piece of writing I will have ever had published in print - on paper - in a bound book.

    If not for you, I would not have written the poem.

    If not for CM, I would not have written the poem.

    If not for your poetry bells, I would not have written the poem.

    So: Please accept my sincere gratitude for your dedication to a world that I entered for my own reasons, left for my own reasons, and enjoyed for as long as I could.

    To Vaden's player: Thank you for creating a character and a scenario that inspired the poem. Without you, it wouldn't have been written.

    To Rhom's player: Thank you, also, for always supporting my poetry, both IG and OOC.

    To Oriana's player: You have my eternal gratitude for YOUR love and support of my poetry, both IG and OOC.

    And to all the other players and SGs, and to Kurzon: Thank you for giving me an environment where I could push myself to write.

    To me, I've already succeeded -- since my only goal in life was to have my work published in print by a publishing company. I've succeeded.

    Wishing all the best to all of you. <3 <3 <3

    P.S. If you're wondering which poem it was that I submitted, it's this one:

    The Thief

    I do forgive thy robbery, gentle thief,
    For mine heart did thine flaming eyes yet seek
    And I, abandoned to melodic relief,
    Did find in thee a great and terrible mystique ~

    And gasp, I did, and breathess I remain
    And steel my heart with you, again, again…...

    And yet ~

    I return. Breathless. Stolen true and deep ~
    And with resonant, melodic voice I hear you speak!



    Steal me anew, and, breathless, every day, anew!
    And all Eternity continue through ~
    And find in me Eternity to review.
    As I find deep within thine soul's tattoo

    A deep and cleansing heart;

    A new and vibrant plain;

    Where mine soul and thine must thusly impart

    A life not one, alone; but bound, in twain.

    Sassa Elvari,
    Poetess / Wordsmith

    Aspirant Teacher, LPA
    Harlequin, The Unity of the Arts

    Poetry is the art of falling in love with minutiae.
    Debate is the art of wielding one's mind and tongue.
    ~ S.E.

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    Congratulations on accomplishing your goals. I'm glad you found inspiration in the community, and am humbled to be a part of your story.

    Keep up the writing! You clearly have a heart for it.

    - Josie's P
    Apprentice Stylist
    Duelist Member
    Guildmistress of the Embinders
    Junior Equerry to her Ladyship Sinvy
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