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    Chaotic evil, obviously.

    But seriously, Hal tends to sit fairly comfortably in neutral good, with the occasional glance toward true neutral. Interestingly, some of my least favorite alignments to play in D&D.
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      Cool topic!

      I find it interesting to plot a character trajectory around that grid over time, and then look at where the "gravity characters" influenced a pull in one direction or another. My character started in the neutral good zone, and was quickly pulled into lawful neutral where he pretty typically lives. Knighthood moved him closer to lawful good for a time, war moved him closer to lawful evil for a time, and nobility has seen a slide toward true neutral.

      That journey for all characters is even more interesting now that many pcs have "gravity characters" in the game with their own influence. And as a side note, I have found the most rewarding rp interacting with other pcs and npcs as they move through their alignment arcs. Oddly, this has also been the source of a lot of frustration when new players for npcs either alter their arc entirely, or move the slider too drastically between castings.


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        if you go by the most common definition of "lawful" meaning in accordance with the laws and regulations laid out by society, i guess melle would end up somewhere between chaotic neutral and chaotic good. he's mostly nice, but i don't know if that's really enough to qualify him for "good". my usual definitions for good and evil are "most often acts on behalf of others at the expense of the self" and "most often acts on behalf of the self at the expense of others" respectively, and he definitely falls somewhere between those two for the most part.

        and if you extend the "law" in "lawful" to include something like the natural order, then he'd be closer to true neutral.


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          Great post!

          Ed totally started out as chaotic good. He still exhibits some of these qualities, but he's been trying to apply more structure and a moral code to what he does. He's now leaning more towards neutral good.

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