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Explanation of Extended Absence

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  • Explanation of Extended Absence

    Hey Everyone,

    I am so, so deeply sorry for my sudden disappearance from the game. 2016 was a difficult year, but I've been struggling with my health for a long time. Earlier this year, when there were so many things going down with my character, I was simultaneously struggling with the difficulties of my life. After struggling with illness, I had to ride in by ambulance to the hospital. They could not stabilize me, so they had admit for close to four days. Fortunately, they did not have to intubate me, but they kept threatening to. I went home, but I was not well. 2 days after I got home, a police officer came to my door and served me papers from a credit card company who I could not pay because I've been out of work for so long while filing for disability. I had hoped to eventually fix my credit, but I could not do so in our current state. I became sick again, and they gave me more antibiotics which made me extremely sick beyond measure for most of this year. While this was going on, my husband was struggling to keep his job, and after 15 years of service and many years of stress which put so much pressure on our marriage, he lost his job. Before we lost our insurance entirely, I saw as many doctors as I could. At one of these, I learned that I had fibroids (benign tumors) encroaching into my uterus. I had alot of other medical problems in this area and they had to operate two weeks after telling with a full hysterectomy. After this, we have been struggling with the government, unemployment and I was fighting through a bankruptcy because if I dealt with that one credit card company, the others would follow. And I had about 70K worth of medical bills that I could not begin to pay.

    Anyway, this was so much to deal with, and that surgery was far worse than I could possibly imagine. With my pain condition, (though I tried to warn my doctor and get him to communicate with my pain doctor, which he didn't), my out-patient procedure turned into a 3 day visit. I was released only because I could have my family manage my pain probably better than they could once they took away my PCA pump (bastards). However, my husband just got a job at the very same hospital working as a night shift security guard. It doesn't pay nearly as well as his last job where he worked in upper management, but it's a job and we'll have benefits of some kind. I'll know more tomorrow, but we've been struggling to pay for our medications out of pocket. And it's not just me, but my entire family has been struggling. My mother's soon to be ex-husband she learned has been cheating on her and she is getting a divorce and may be coming to live with me and my brother... is my brother and has a family the size of the Brady-Bunch and the game industry does not pay what it used to. But my niece who has had some recent scares at least seems to remain cancer free, a battle fought in 2016 and a battle she hopefully has won. But she still has to be closely monitored. My sister has it well though she likes to create drama and pretend she has real problems. It kind of makes me want to smack her.

    That's the short of it. What I am trying to explain is that there has just been so much stress and heartache and pain this year, and in the years leading up to 2017. I could not handle this pressure and the pressures my character has been going through. I couldn't log in without breaking down into tears. I couldn't afford to renew my account, but I used some storypoints to reactivate it as of a few days ago. I at least hope to get her current situation resolved and will go from there. I hope that the game will bring me joy again. I know I have had fun just talking with old friends who I know are wonderful people. I keep odd hours but hopefully I'll get the opportunity soon enough to interact with friends old and new in game and simply see what happens.

    Please understand that I am not looking for sympathy in this post, only understanding. Life can be very hard and I know there are those who have it much harder than I do. Yet we all need mental fortitude so we can face these hardships head-on. It's my tendency to want to be an ostrich and bury my head in the sand, but that was not an option, but I had to do that with Diana until I could get my life in order. While things aren't exactly easy, I am alone and therefore very lonely so much of my day, and my cat (as awesome as she is), piano practice, audio books, reading and chores can only keep me occupied for so long. I hate being disabled and out of work because I am bored to tears, so hopefully, CM can be my refuge once again and keep me preoccupied from the challenges of what has become of my life, which to me seems to be mere lonely and painful existence, punctuated here and there with bits of joy and bouts of extreme hardship. But I miss people, and I miss my friends. I hope to make some new ones if I can get things resolved.

    I have missed you all very much and hope to see you in game soon and hope you are well and happy.

    Diana's Player

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    Stacy, I am so sorry for what you have been through! It sounds like you've had a horrific time and I hope things start to improve for you and your husband soon, and that CM can be a source of joy to you instead of an extra stress-inducing element in your life. I had a long absence in 2016 due to a similarly wretched set of events (though nowhere near as bad as yours, and I'm sorry to even compare!) so I know what it is like to feel the guilt of missing out coupled with the burden of feeling like you have a responsibility to the game you love so much.

    I'm really glad you are feeling well enough to come back and I'm super excited Diana will be back too!



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      Thank you so much, Steph! It's been very heartening with the people I've spoken with via page so far, and too after reading your post. Lord knows it's not a competition but all I can do is hope that things are better for you in your life now and I very much appreciate your kind words. And I very much look forward to seeing Brook again~she's such a wonderful and lovely character, as is her player! =)


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        I hope you get better soon. I am in a similar situation, on several different accounts that you have listed. Sometimes, it seems that when things start looking up, something else happens. Just keep your head up. You will get through this, and someday, hopefully soon, I'll be able to meet the wonderful and amazing Diana!

        <3 Laney


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          I'm glad you're back! I saw a post of yours on Facebook and have been praying for you and your husband ever since. Real life is the absolute poops sometimes. I hope you're able to find some reprieve here again and look forward to seeing you IG!
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            It truly can be the poops. Thank you both so much, and thank you for the prayers. They are needed and most appreciated. Things are going to be tight financially, but it looks like we're going to be getting insurance in just a few weeks, and for the first time in our lives, we're going to have life insurance! (I insisted that the 44 cents a month was worth $5,000. He wouldn't let me upgrade to the 68 cent per month plan for the $10000 plan, but with all the close calls I've had with respiratory infections + asthma, my mother at least won't have to come out of pocket should the worst happen.) I know it's a morbid thing to be excited about, but I've been anxious for years, especially after so many companies have turned me down because of my health. So I actually have some monetary value. Anyway, we'll have a great eye plan, a half-assed dental plan and decent medical insurance, especially if we go to pharmacies and doctors that work for or under Northside Hospital (they are huge and everywhere down here in the South). So while things have been the poops for a while, hopefully things are turning around for us. And my husband has met someone who can get him past the bureaucracy and red tape and get him treatment for his back rather quickly once we have coverage so... fingers crossed!

            I can't wait to see you guys IG. I don't know how long it will be but feel free to page me if you catch me online. <3



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              That's it....... you are officially my twin, now. Just saying. Asthma and bronchitis once a year. I haven't been able to breathe for the past two months.


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                Girl, go to the beach! That was more healthful to my lungs than any hospital, I swear! But if you need some tips or recommendations on treatments and medications that I have found effective, I'll be happy to talk to you about it. But I truly hope you get to feeling better! I know how badly it sucks and how scary it can be. (Though the scariest part is when it STOPS being scary.)


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                  I wish I could go to the beach. Swimming is my favorite exercise, but I'm not exactly near any beaches and around here, it costs to do any swimming.



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