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Thanks for the fun; I'm OUTTA here

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  • Thanks for the fun; I'm OUTTA here

    After playing CM with several characters for over a year, I have decided to quit altogether. (If you aren't prepared to possibly be irritated by my irritation, I suggest you stop reading here. And, no: It's not about Sofya having been put in jail. That was anticipated to happen, at some point. Still curious? Keep reading.)

    These are the things I love about the game:

    There are SOME very good players who take everything given to them and embrace it, play with it, work with it. Even the really tough stuff. Thank you - particularly from my characters' perspectives, because I know I play some mentally and emotionally challenging stuff. I've enjoyed playing with you, and you're the reason why I've stuck it out this long. (Unfortunately, my love for RP with you is also the reason why I can't tolerate what I describe below.)

    The props and environment are great, too; love the descriptions.

    However, I have decided that those players who want information HANDED to them without doing ANY work WHATSOEVER for it; who RP injuries like they're scratches (despite a full post about how to play out injuries); who heal from injuries without ANY physical, emotional or mental trauma whatsoever; who get IRRITATED WITH OTHERS when they play out injuries that ACTUALLY have long-lasting effects (physical, EMOTIONAL, or mental); who haven't the capacity to hold a single deep conversation and get irritated with those characters who do...

    I can't play with this kind of player anymore. (If you're irritated with my post by now, I might be talking to you... or to you about your friends who play this way.)

    I RP to play out REALISTIC situations in a FICTIONAL environment. Some things, sure, we can let slip by for the sake of fiction / imagination. But pile too many irresponsible, incomprehensibly unrealistic things on top of one another and *I* cannot suspend my belief THAT much to keep up with it. Somehow, it seems enough of you are able to... so I will take my incapacity to comprehend this and find a game that actually makes sense to me, where emotions are real, live things that happen to people; where injuries have consequences; where information isn't just handed over at the drop of a hat - and expected to be handed over.

    For the sake of your game-play: Consider Sofya fell into a coma and never woke up. You'll never get the information out of her, and you'll never have to suffer her emotional, mental, or physical fits, ailments or ways ever again. Forget about her or remember her; I really don't care.

    Yes, I'm angry. No, I don't really want any excuses as to why anyone plays with such suspension of reality; I GET IT - TO A POINT. This has been EXCESSIVE, HABITUAL, and is intolerable to me. And it's not isolated instances, it's rather rampant.

    In case you're curious, I do DEEP research into the ailments I propose and play out for Sofya - whether those ailments are physical or mental. Why? Because I want it to be REALISTIC and PLAUSIBLE.

    I've now had staff tell me "Oh, most people just suspend belief and stretch their imaginations to accept that healing comes quickly," with the expectation that I will do the same.

    I have TOLERATED it, in-game, for long enough; and I would have continued tolerating it - so long as I was allowed to play my character the ways that make sense to me. Instead, I have been told that staff does NOT agree with a direction I was going with my character, based on environmental factors and past health history; but at the same time, told that I can play it that way if I want to. Very, very, very confusing response with a heavy slant on "Don't play it this way," and the explanation is that players may ostracize me because of it.

    So, I'm writing to the players to say: You've already ostracized me because of my realistic RP. I don't like how you play, either. I'm leaving. Have fun without me. :P

    Because, now that I am being asked to suspend my belief farther than I am comfortable with - and must SUFFER the ungracious attitudes of players for playing the parts THEY pick as Healers, Nobles, etc. - I have come to realize that I can tolerate no more.

    How is it possible for a character to have the mental acuity to learn multiple crafts IN-DEPTH and not have the capacity to actually understand how any one of those things ACTUALLY works?

    Healers: Do you study the ailments you're healing? I'm sure some of you do, but when I've studied my ailments better than you, can give you multiple online references and real-life examples, how are you going to get irritated with me for playing this way in-game, when you're not even willing to do the work to ROLE-PLAY your part?

    Army: Unless you're just a bunch of bullies and want to play this way, investigation takes WORK. You can't just expect someone to give you every piece of information you ask for, just because you're army. Suck it up. Do some research. Do some WORK. Watch some police investigation shows to see how others might do it. Sure, some are bullies; but is the whole castle full of dumb, bullying cops? Er, Army? Maybe. Whatever. If so, have fun with that. But it's not very fun RP, is it? Unless your aim is "just to win" or "be top dog".

    Nutshell, once-again?

    I came to this game to ROLE-PLAY a character. How you interact with her is up to you. However, I was under the impression that there would be a heavy dose of REALISM in this game, mixed with FANTASY, not with IRRATIONALITY and intense suspension of reality. (Sorry folks, but becoming irritated because I don't have a supergirl character who never gets hurt and heals quick-as-a-flash is NOT Role-Play... unless we're suddenly playing superheros. In which case: I've yet to see that post.)

    I came to play a game where characters have ROLES and play them out to the best of their capacities - not where Healers deem themselves all-knowing when the players know very little about the ailments presented to them. (Yes, we can research together and share research. But I see few people doing this.)

    So, I ask in conclusion, of the StoryHost and StoryPlotters, for my own curiosity and for the sake of other players, present and future:

    What is the point of CM? Is this an RPG where individuals create characters and play out their own responses, reactions and personalities in realistic ways; or is it just a format for people to get together and make their own realities, and you try to knit it all together while telling everyone to get along, deciding who's most important and who's least? Are we communally creating a story, or are you DRIVING A PLOT???

    Feels to me like plots are being driven, and stories are ignored.

    Based on the movies, TV shows, books I've read over time - the best stories are not plot-driven; they're CHARACTER-driven. Plots are merely circumstances in which we discover the characters.

    I'm obviously confused about role-play in THIS environment.

    And you're obviously losing a(nother) character, and a(nother) player.

    Because you can't have it both ways: you can't get my realism and thorough RP intermixed with your flagrant dismissal of random bits of reality-based RP. You get me as I am, or you don't get me at all.

    Thanks again to those who made CM worth playing for so long, and whose RP kept me here... and yet causes me pause before I post this. I will sincerely miss playing with you, creating stories with you, and loving you and your characters in the ways I have been able to. You can keep in touch with me, if you like, through the forum.
    Sera Sofya

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    I have no problem being perfectly up front that 95% of the time, I'm completely content to pretend Sofya doesn't exist at all. Because you say you've tolerated us, but a good portion of people here have just been tolerating you. I've always, always played my character(s) how I wanted, and have never, ever been told "You can't do that." Unless it literally wasn't feasible. This is a COLLABORATIVE role-playing game and all this post has done is claim how you want your character to do X, Y and Z...but also want to be able to dictate how we as either characters or players react to it, and when it's "Oh we don't want to bother." That's upsetting to you. That's not collaboration, that's you throwing a hissy-fit because we're not playing your way. So go ahead, find another game. Or better yet, if you want realism, go out into the REAL WORLD...I hear it's great. But most of us come here to get out of the real world and play a FANTASY game where crazy things can happen and you can die and be resurrected.

    But this is the what...3rd or 4th quitting post now? So we'll see if it sticks this time.


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      Originally posted by Sofya View Post

      Healers: Do you study the ailments you're healing? I'm sure some of you do, but when I've studied my ailments better than you, can give you multiple online references and real-life examples, how are you going to get irritated with me for playing this way in-game, when you're not even willing to do the work to ROLE-PLAY your part?

      Army: Unless you're just a bunch of bullies and want to play this way, investigation takes WORK. You can't just expect someone to give you every piece of information you ask for, just because you're army. Suck it up. Do some research. Do some WORK. Watch some police investigation shows to see how others might do it. Sure, some are bullies; but is the whole castle full of dumb, bullying cops? Er, Army? Maybe. Whatever. If so, have fun with that. But it's not very fun RP, is it? Unless your aim is "just to win" or "be top dog".
      As a player whose character has been in both these roles, I can tell you how rude and offensive you're being. The amount of time, energy and ooc work that goes into both these roles is extensive, with many of the players leaving to have a break at some point due to these type of attitudes.

      Both these type of characters get pulled away from their own stories to deal with everyone else's story. A good example was today where Juliee was doing her own thing, then I had to spend between two and three hours healing other characters, doing the IC paperwork and spending some time researching how best to go forward with YOUR story. By the time this was all over, I had no energy to play my character and logged off for a few hours. Pretty sure the army characters are in the same position.

      You seem to forget that your character is in a medieval castle. With a Queen. It is not meant to be a fair system. It is a system where the law is the law. You don't comply, you face a punishment. The law doesn't answer to you. Same with the healers. They practice balancing humors, and blood letting. Most of their cures are plant based. You have been asking us to deal with mental health issues, which they aren't equipped to do.

      Finally, the only story you have been interested in telling is your own. No one else's. You have never, to me, shown co-operative role play, or an interest in furthering anyone's story. Today you had an opportunity with three characters where you could of shared some details, encouraged more of a player run plot, but instead you complained of illness. In which we could do nothing anyway.


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        When the most remarkable thing (memorable thing) about your character is how many times a healer can try to 'fix them' then I think that sort of colors how people will interact with your character. If that be mental or physical. That is what people will remember, standing for 3 hours in the snow to get toes removed in the middle of another plot (screams attention seeking behavior). I will remember that and this posting.

        Gaming: You're doing it wrong.

        Have a good life! Ciao!
        Apprentice to the Healers - Ser Quinlan


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          Gonna come out and say it, as I have said before, I come here to cm to play, to make beleive in things. I deal with mental illness on a daily basis. Frankly, my character isnt interested in indulging your fetishized view of what it is like to deal with complex issues like c-ptsd, behaviorial issues, etc, and I as a player have no interest in having those kind of behaviors in my play time, so I as a player avoid those kind of characters. Furthermore, shunning a person who doesnt fit into society is normal for most societies, to be honest. Most of us as players have dealt with traumatic experiences for who we play and integrate it into our character's lives -and deal with the consequences of those actions, good or bad. Also, communication does wonders for people. You have to give to get, its reciprocal. Telling a meaningful story for you is fine, but in order to get that, you have to work with people sometimes, and that means communicating what you expect or desire along with what people are comfortable with. I have had stories in the past that I have had to step back and think about other people's comfort with, you build a story with them, not in spite of them.
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            Sofya, you were one of the first people I met at this castle. I, actually, had some great times with you.

            But in defense of the other players, a lot of us play to have fun.

            I am not a great RPer, but I am learning. So, I'm not great with the complex steps on stocking a tray several times, and I unrealistically pull a broom out of my purse, and it took me a month to figure out the contraption. The thing is, every day, I am still learning and people are helping me learn as I go. I play my character how I want. I'm not great at playing her. I've been playing for three months. I have never played an RP game such as this before. So whereas others may pick things up easier, me...not so much. But I don't give up. I will figure out how to stock the trays just like I figured out the contraption or any other obstacle she's encountered.

            As for the healers, they are awesome! You did not see them in action during the burning sickness. You do not see their files. You do not see what they have to document every single time someone has a little headache. But the thing is, even though the game is based on fantasy, they still have to follow the rules during the time of which the game is set. They didn't have Prozac back then. Just saying. When it came to mental illnesses or other things they haven't encountered, they had to deal. They couldn't just come up with some kind of -pill- that makes the voices go away or whatever the problem may be.

            There are no two character exactly the same as another, nor are you expected to follow exactly as others did/do. You are allowed to be yourself. You are allowed to make people think. But when you tell people that they are puppets along those lines, because they do what they are told, that's crossing a line that shouldn't be crossed. The law is the law for a reason. They are a set of rules set up to protect people. When one of those rules are broken, people are put in danger. The army helps protect people on the realm just as much as a police officer protects us RL folk. The army is full of great people, but if even one of their fellow denizen is in danger, they are going to do everything they can to protect them.

            We all play parts to a much bigger story. A story that is named Marrach. I have spent countless hours filtering through chronicles about ailments and their cures...bad guys in the past...creatures and I even worked alongside others to figure out who the dame was. Things just don't happen 'just to happen'. Believe it or not, I find out a little more about who I am every single time I am asked to do something. I learn more about how things are and it's history by researching and working alongside others. It's a game where people have to get together to try to solve problems. Honestly, I love it! I love the people!

            Basically, what I am saying is that...if you have taken a moment to step outside of your little box, you would have seen that there were many chances to seek adventure and grab every opportunity that was offered. While you were reading up on health problems IRL, I was reading up on who the dame was and I was involved (and have been given credit) in figuring out who she was.

            Perhaps...the problem isn't with others, but in the character and the player itself.

            -Rant finished-
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              First....This is a place of magic. We are in constructed bodies raised by magic. We heal by magic, we do not require food or drink or make waste. So, no, we don't have the lasting effects or mental troubles. We play them briefly then move on because otherwise we would all just sit around and wallow in the misery of self-absorbed pain and suffering. While that might be fun for you, it is not for anyone else.

              On the issue of the Army. This is a castle with a monarch. It is not a society based on freedom of action and choice. It is a society based on the laws of that monarch. If you are taken by the Army, it is because you are suspected of crime. In such, you are not afforded any kindness nor are you afforded any rights. The Army will not treat you kindly nor are they babysitters. They are there to do a job.
              I, as a player, shied away from interacting with Sofya, because I didn't like the entirety of the "it's all about me" way she was. It was easier to just not interract. There are plenty of things I do not enjoy about CM or a myriad of other games as well. I choose to enjoy those things that are good and play in a setting of co-operative rp where people work together and use consensual rp. This means we do not just do what we want and hang the rest...we learn and we interract with each other.

              Simply put. Enjoy whatever you are looking to do, but do not blame others for not wishing to deal with your own personal issues.

              Vaden Amberthorne
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                As as a player who has played, over the years,

                a drunk
                a criminal
                a page
                an awakener
                a watchperson
                a guardsman
                a healer
                a householder
                someone with ptsd
                every craft except tats and carpentry and smithing
                who has run events
                has run guilds
                who developed watch web, Justice web, guard web and created the template that almost every wiki uses
                has created items
                has designed rooms
                has spent my time dealing with situations I don't like
                got executed because someone @wounded over a papercur
                has been humiliated ic
                has had tremendous success ic
                has been bitched at by odjit a lot for being an entitled diva

                ...and god knows what else....

                your post is pretty much the most narcissistic, self-cantered load of bs I've read in years. And given my resume as listed above I feel confident in my proclamation.

                Until this his moment I have never had trouble with you as a player. Euphelia had problems with Sofya and eventually ended up shunning her like everyone else because you can't help those IC who don't want help. And Euphelia would help a summer sprite if the sprite even pretended, just a little, to rp cooperatively.


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                  HTF - Really not an appropriate or useful comment, and I hope it is struck.

                  To the player of Sofya - I think you definitely are a very in-depth an intense RPer, which can be very good! I think you had a lot of great ideas and really wanted to delve into character development and the nitty-gritty of what and who your character is. However, I think sometimes what your plan/idea was for the game was just not shared with everyone, and that frustrated you. I understand. I left the game for 10 years due to frustration that I had (although different from your experience, it was certainly enough to draw me away, too).

                  Like many have said here, this game is many things to many different people, and we often bring our own emotional and life-long baggage with us, so we don't necessarily want to deal with drawn out scenes regarding abuse, death, dysfunctional relationships, etc., although they do add some extra drama to the game - they shouldn't necessarily BE the game. And this come from me, who plays a fairly dysfunctional character as you know. (Diantos)

                  I wish you well and maybe in time you can reconsider. Take care of yourself!



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                    Well for the convenience of the staffer who nukes it, here's this to replace it with:

                    There's some sage words of my formative years that seem relevant and I would like to share them with you:

                    Omg! I'm quitting!!!!!1

                    Mud Quitters

                    People quit muds for a variety of reasons every day. Usually, those reasons can
                    fit into one of the following 4 categories. Before quitting, check to see
                    if your reason fits into one of the following 4 VALID reasons for leaving the
                    game. If it doesn't, maybe it's something that can be worked out with the

                    1)The player has taken on new responsibility RL and can no longer devote
                    the time to playing in an online fantasy world. (Maybe they'll come back
                    2)The player has been forced to quit for reasons beyond their control. They
                    lost their internet connection, procreated, became incarcerated, joined the
                    military, etc. (Maybe they'll come back later.)
                    3)The player may have simply lost interest in the game's storyline.
                    (Maybe they'll come back later.)
                    4)The player has gotten fed up with bullshit, refuses to take the
                    necessary initiative to correct the problem himself, and cannot cope with his
                    situation. This kind of player is, unfortunately, pretty much beyond help. The
                    best thing for him, is to remove himself from the source of his misery.
                    (They're definitely coming back.)

                    Note: This is a preventable situation for players who have communication
                    skills, and the self-determination not to allow themselves to fall into the
                    pit-falls of idiocy.

                    Quitting FAQs

                    Q) I think I'm being treated unfairly. This is such bullshit. Should I quit?
                    A) Definitely.

                    Q) The staff give everything to my opposition. They never give anything
                    to me. They hate me. Should I quit?
                    A) Yeah. GTFO. This is TOTALLY a situation of discrimination against you and

                    Q) OMG, I got in a fight with my boyfriend who also plays. He's
                    TSing this other woman. THIS IS SUCH BULLSHIT! Should I delete my
                    characters and quit?
                    A) Please do.

                    Q) Three people came to me and said that my RP sucks. It really hurt my
                    feelings. Should I work on my RP or should I harbor feelings that the pbase
                    hates me and quit the game?
                    A) Obviously the pbase hates you. Everyone hates you. No one wants you to
                    improve your game. They just want you to leave. You should quit.
                    And, again, for staff convenience:


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                      Honestly, I wasn't going to reply to this. I think your whole post is attention-seeking bullshit. Then I reread this:

                      Originally posted by Sofya View Post
                      Healers: Do you study the ailments you're healing? I'm sure some of you do, but when I've studied my ailments better than you, can give you multiple online references and real-life examples, how are you going to get irritated with me for playing this way in-game, when you're not even willing to do the work to ROLE-PLAY your part?
                      You do realize I am playing a game, right?

                      But you don't want to suspend disbelief do you? Not in a fantasy game. Nah. That'd be silly.

                      Not once, but multiple times, I contacted you in @page to discuss treatments for the MULTITUDE of ailments Sofya's had in the... uh.... maybe 3-4 months you've been playing her. Her treatment page is huge for someone that new. I've DISCUSSED and WORKED with you.

                      You apparently appreciated none of that shit.

                      I even went unorthodox on some things. Researched alternative ways. But nah, fuck it. Let's ignore all that and go my own way, because this is MY story.

                      B's player hit it right on the head. Collaborative. You gotta work with people when you roleplay in this game, because yes, while it IS character driven, it's COLLABORATIVELY character driven.

                      You definitely need to step back and re-evaluate how you approached a number of situations before you start calling the kettle black. Don't bad mouth the Healers and Army because they didn't do what YOU wanted. You're no better than someone who watches a movie and gets upset when the ending doesn't match what you have in your head, so you write your own fan fiction instead.

                      So to your original question. Do I research? Yeah. Actually. I do.

                      I've severely disappointed in you, but even more so in myself. Because I actually wasted time researching some shit just to help with your RP.

                      See ya.
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                        <.< I'm not reading the entire post, so if something is off... that's why.

                        First, I want to say I like Sofya and your other characters because they give me different rp that I don't often get with others. I mean we have a lot of crazy people, like Conal, but he is more of the "I'll stab you and eat your face while I kiss it." crazy. Sofya is the "I'm sitting in the corner with a diaper on my head." crazy. I mean that as a compliment though, it's not easy to rp a char like that and stick it out when the expected rp comes.

                        However, your post is stupid in my opinion.

                        1.) This is a game and you're trying so hard to make it like rl. It's not going to be like rl, not completely at least. If you want to play like rl, then buy sims or go outside.

                        2.) The healers do more than you can think like Juliee said, I try to look up anything I don't know -ig- that way I know if it's something Vasi could have read. I don't use ooc information when I'm healing because I don't think it could be explained how Vasi knows how to do something she didn't study or hear a lecture on. Also, this game is set somewhere in the middle ages (don't know when) but what that means is that no one can really diagnose injuries and illnesses like we do in real life because we haven't advanced that far in the game. It kills me a hundred times over when people claim to know this and that when it wasn't even around or understood in our time. But whatever, unlike your post, I'm not forcing anyone to do anything.

                        3.) I've also had members in the Watch and Army, more work goes into this than it does in the healers, because they do rounds, investigations, multiple paperwork and everything else you'd expect. They can't arrest someone without proof (witnesses, seeing the crime, reports from civilians) and so on. Once they have that proof of some form, they move forward. They can justifiably expect you to tell them everything, but it's okay if you don't. No one is saying that you must comply, but you can't get upset that they tried. If they had not done any work, you wouldn't be there in the first place. And I'm saying this as someone who has seen both sides of the law more than once.

                        4.) Anyway... I forgot what I was going to finish saying because my food came. Long story made short, you can't control how people play the game. It's a shame you're leaving and that you can't find the game satisfactory, but I wish you luck. I mean, Vasilisa basically does whatever she wants and sometimes it has negative effects. Like being arrested or bitch slapped by Sinvy. >.> lol But no one has ever said that I shouldn't play Vasi that way oocly. So... food.


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                          You want realism? Sofya walked up to the Captain of the Army and claimed to have crucially important information about a man suspected of working with the Triangle then snootily lifted her chin and refused to share that information, so she ended up in a cell to rethink that answer. What did you think was realistically going to happen?

                          Sofya wasn't bullied by anyone. She put herself in a position where the Army had no choice but to arrest her, and while I don't care at all if people feel the character was ICly mistreated (since, you know, IC/OOC separation) I'm not keen on you coming into an OOC forum to complain that your character is a victim or that she was bullied as part of your reason for leaving. Maybe that's what you wanted, for Sofya to be the victim to 'bully cops', but I'm not obliged to play the villain in Sofya's self inflicted pity-me story.

                          Also, please tell me you're not suggesting Army players watch modern day crime shows as a guide for how to roleplay in a medieval setting. For the record, as a prisoner in CM:

                          - You do not have the right to remain silent
                          - You do not have the right to an attorney
                          - You don't get a phone call
                          - You're not innocent until proven guilty
                          - You have no rights at all except the right to live and be kept healthy (and the latter is up for debate, not to mention revokable once the Inquisition is involved)

                          The US constitution does not exist in Castle Marrach, neither does DNA, gunpowder residue, fingerprints, cameras, the internet, or 99% of the other tools and elements covered in modern day crime investigation shows. So please don't sit here and try to lecture me on how to get to the bottom of a case by citing non-theme-relevant modern television. We find ways to figure out what people have done using the methods available to us in the setting of the game.

                          And no, I'm not OOCly going to tell you how, just as I refused to ICly when Sofya demanded. Because it's never ever the policy of the Army to tell a suspect what evidence we have against them and sometimes not even to tell them their charges until we're done questioning them, because that's information they can use to form an alibi (eg. if you know you committed theft and murder and we tell you your charges are theft you're not gonna tell us about the person you murdered and incriminate yourself). Ninety percent of our convictions come from withholding what we know, letting a suspect talk and seeing what they do and do not lie about. In fact most of the questions Galatea asks when interrogating someone she already knows the answer to, but it's always revealing to see what someone chooses to lie about. You want realism, that's a real interrogation technique.

                          What else?

                          Yes it would be great if we could become real life experts on every skill our character has learned ICly but it's silly to imply that someone should have to learn the skills of a real life tailor just to roleplay one in a fantasy video game, that kind of defeats the purpose of playing a fantasy game.

                          Also, yes, the healing system sucks, we'are all aware. Not really worth quitting the game over and we all manage to get by without regularly wounding our character and roleplaying the victim every other day, and that's ultimately what I think this boils down to.

                          As for Sofya's dramatics, I don't have a whole lot of experience with them. I've heard a fair bit commented on the topic but I generally don't comment or participate in those kinds of backchannel conversations. However, if yesterday's encounter of "force the Army to arrest me by telling them I'm withholding evidence then kill myself from a month old healed surgical injury to escape the dungeons" is any indication of the norm I can perhaps understand the eyerolls which now seem to be common community reaction to Sofya. And that was ultimately the final straw, you wanted to kill Sofya due to a spontaneous infection a few hours into your character's incarceration and someone told you no. Actually, you weren't even told no; based on your original post you were told, "We disagree with this but you can roleplay your character however you want."

                          You can give 100 reasons for why you say you're quitting but ultimately what it seems to come down to is players are tired of the story of 'Sofya gets hurt and gets attention' and that's what all of your stories boil down to. You've come here to lecture the community on telling stories about characters but the only character you allow to matter is your own, and so players lose interest in that story.
                          "I am not afraid, I was born to do this."


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                            I am not sure of the full story but I can only comment on what I have come across with your character.

                            We can easily become very emotionally attached to our characters (god knows I have in the past!)whether it be within CM or even playing D&D. I was depressed for months when a character I played in a 1 1/2 year campagne died. This is a game set in medieval-ish times -restricted to a castle with a Queen and the court.

                            As a healer there are limited resources for us. In medieval times there were basically three ways to handle a medical situation:

                            1) Use of herbs and even poisons to create medicines and salves to aid in healing.

                            2) Balancing the humors. This was pretty much the answer to everything! Gotta cough, here is some herbs and were are going to drain of blood. Fever? Stomach ache? Bloodlet.

                            3) For any head trauma or imbalances- Trepanning. Which is to perforate (a person's skull) with a trepan. Using a hand drill to make a hole in one's skull to balance the humors or in some cases to get rid of evil spirits.

                            Having any kind of surgery- let alone amputation there was a large chance that the patient would not have made it through. One did not just get up and walk about and be perfectly fine. The biggest killer for any kind of medical pratice for an injury was infection. Sofya was warned about it.

                            This is where I did have some issues not just with the amputation but in general with wounds and heals. Obviously you don't want to be stuck in the infirmary for days or even weeks because of an injury. It can be VERY boring! In this situation, there was a plot in hand, there were soo many sick characters and the focus was mainly on them because of this plot. I am not sure of the facts with your communication with the SP's or what your intentions were to have this wound, but you had the realize there were many things happening at once and you could not be the main focus. I imagine that everyone was RPing their best- and how their characters would be- stuck in the infirmary with each other. Not everyone is going to get along- everyone is grumpy, sick and annoyed. I am sorry that this did not turn out the way that you planned.

                            As for the army- not sure what happened there, but I am sure the intent was not personal at all. The Sp's are here to guide you- if they do know advise to do a certain thing, there is usually a reason behind it. If they feel that it is inappropriate, they will let you know but they are not here to tell you how you should be playing your character.

                            We play our character who we choose and there are those that we will not get along with IG as we would IRL. We react to the environment we are in and those around us. Once again, this is not personal. I will admit that I get really irked when people use wounds as a way to get attention and are constantly making up something, or getting injured all the time. Does anyone think that we want to spend our entire RPing experience in an infirmary healing people?

                            We can all relate to the frustrations and perhaps the best thing to do is to step back, take a break and come back when you feel better about it. In the end this is just a game- I learned that a while back- the hard way. I hope that you will reconsider anyway. It is always a shame to lose someone that likes to RP.

                            Doctor-Medical Physician
                            Courtier to Her Majesty's Royal Court
                            Housekeeper to Lord Vestio's Household