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  • Ugh... but back!

    Hi everyone...

    So, it's taken me a lot longer to get back online since returning from my vacation. I had an amazing time and everything was going great until I got back. My husband, being the gentlemen he is, in his hurry to load my luggage into the car at the Atlanta Airport accidentally swung my computer bag onto the curb. After that, I couldn't get my computer to load the OS. Apparently, hard drives spin like records and since this computer has some age to it, it was easier to scratch like an old vinyl record. It took forever for me to get an appointment with Apple just to get them to look at it, then it took another forever to order a new hard drive. The good news is that I basically have a new computer with the latest and greatest features with a new OS and it is now all kinds of awesome. The bad news is that I lost ALL of my files. Anyway, I won't bore you with the details, but I can use my old computer to recover some of my data (music, older logs and such), but my logs, recorded music, and any movie I made that wasn't uploaded to Youtube from this computer for the past 5 years are gone, which completely sucks.

    Anyway, I just got my computer back today and I'm working on installing all the apps I need or want and am working on setting this baby set up the way I like it, but I'll try to pop in CM when I can if I have the time, but I'm going to be busy with piano homework and some personal family stuff until Monday, so if I don't see you guys in the Castle this weekend, I'll see you Tuesday! (PS, I would have put a note from my husband's computer sooner but it won't load the friggin' forums at all and I can't log in to CM either from that POS laptop. That computer is on death's door and shuts off when it gets too hot after an hour or so. So I was/am scared to use the damn thing to play or even work on documents for him even if I could figure out what the heck is wrong with the login.)

    In short, I'm sorry I couldn't have reached out sooner to let you know what's up, but I've missed y'all and I look forward to seeing you again real soon! Promise!

    (Diana's Player)

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    Welcome back and please get yourself some backup system. I lost a hard drive once a few years ago and learned my lesson the hard way.


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      Thanks! And you're absolutely right... my hubby's computer is about to croak too. We're going to get an external hard drive as opposed to one of the online things which become unaccessible when the internet is inaccessible. It's just a matter of figuring out which one is best for us that we can afford