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"Things You Never Thought You'd Hear in the Workroom...."

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  • "Things You Never Thought You'd Hear in the Workroom...."

    Merrynn asks already in Northern, "Whiskey? Can breasts shrink?"

    Merrynn peers at her derriere in Northern, "Hows that?"

    You almost spit a pale golden wine.

    You clap your right hand to your mouth.

    You boggle at Merrynn's words.

    Ezraella says to Merrynn in Northern straightfacedly, "I have heard that if you jump up and down thirty times every day they grow smaller. But your backside gets bigger."

    You swallow difficultly.

    Ezraella tilts her slender right hand in Northern, "It is a lose win, I suppose."
    Ezraella sips from her golden white stoneware tea mug.

    You helplessly ask Merrynn in Northern, "Mistress...who hast told thee that whiskey will...have such an effect?"

    Ezraella suspects to you in Northern, "A man, most likely."

    Merrynn realizes her words in Northern, "Ooohh...I meant do you have any!"

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    HA This is Hilarious!!!
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