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Old Guard Players in a Room?

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  • Old Guard Players in a Room?

    So, this is an old-bie gather of people returning to the game. What tales can these characters share?

    Edstave is standing near here. Finna is standing near the space between the pillars. Nariseth is sitting on a plush black rug. A painting of a chocolate-drenched fairy is hanging against the north wall. A wooden easel displaying a painting of a series of heroic images is standing against the north wall. A painting of a two-tone castle and a painting of a winding path through a snow-covered forest are hanging against the south wall. Robert is sitting on a bench at the south table. You [Fez] are sitting in front of the south table. Vasilisa is sitting on the south table. Tristana is standing near Edstave.

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    And then Gareth arrives. Who is next?