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    I'm curious as to what covers players might like. Maybe you like the cover better than the original, or just find it a different approach and appealing. I'll start with this version of Jamey Johnson covering 'Four Walls of Raiford' by Lynyrd Skynyrd.
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    Running up that hill.

    Originally by Kate Bush

    But I think the version for Placebo stresses the drama of the song better

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      You Say It Best When you Say Nothing At All

      Known to me first by Keith Whitley, but I love the sound of Alison Krauss' voice far and beyond.
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        I'm a big fan of Kawehi's cover of Heart-Shaped Box:

        And I don't normally like the track "Teardrop", but Aurora's cover is fantastic:

        And then these kids just kill this cover of Tool's 46 and 2:
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          Well...I could put a whole list on this subject, but I will narrow down to some favorites though not in any particular order of appreciation.

          1st is The Sound Of Silence, originally by Simon and Garfunkel, but remade and made a thousand times better by Disturbed. The particular nature of David Draiman's voice in this song is a testament to him, The song was taken into a powerful nature that it lacked originally. I'm putting the live version because it truly shows the skill.

          2nd is a remake of Aerosmith's Dream On done by Blacktop Mojo. I was really impressed by the cover and I think these guys will go a long way.

          3rd would be Marilyn Mansons cover of Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics. All I can say is that his darker tone made an amazing song sooo much better.

          4th I think goes to Chris Cornell with his live cover of Nothing Compares 2 U. Originally written by Prince and performed by Sinead O'connor, it was a classic that Cornell's unique voice seemed made for.

          5th I would have to throw credit out to Shindedown for taking an iconic Lynard Skynard song and just owning it. With Simple Man, they took on something that took great amounts of courage to attempt.

          I could go on and on and on because there are some absolutely amazing covers out there in the world, some of which are done by people that are not famous musicians. but I will stop with this one and put up two versions because it is awesome the way people interpret this legendary song by Phil Collins. In The Air Tonight by both Nonpoint and In This Moment are excellent additions.

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