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A Game of Virtues (Warning: GoT Spoilers Abound!)

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  • A Game of Virtues (Warning: GoT Spoilers Abound!)

    A Game of Thrones (and, of course, the ASOIAF books) has so many interesting characters with very strong, shifting character arcs. I have enjoyed comparing my characters' motivations and following of the Virtues against key characters in the show/books. I especially enjoy the principal knights -- most of them very imperfect people striving to do their version of good with strong motivations and loyalties propelling them along their character arcs. I'm including below a couple of key characters and my thoughts on them, the virtues in the order of which I think they follow them, and invite everyone to contribute their own or discuss!

    Ser Jaime Lannister
    (aka Kingslayer)
    Jaime is really two different people: there's Jaime before losing his hand, and there's Jaime after, and they couldn't be more starkly contrasted. I might have been inclined to score him differently before the last episode but, as we learned, he just can't let Cersei go. His loyalty to her and his family was his ultimate downfall despite his deep admiration (bordering on awe) of Westeros' perfect knight, Brienne of Tarth. His pendulum was finally swung in the last episode; it could have went either way. I decided to score him on the latter half of his arc, after the loss of his hand.
    Virtues (in order of those followed): Loyalty (Family), Fortitude, Courage, Courtesy, Gallantry, Justice, Prowess, Franchise, Mercy, Honesty, Charity
    Arya Stark
    (aka Girl Who Has No Name)
    Arya is by far my most favorite character in the show and possibly the easiest to grade. Her motivations began in season 1/book 1 and have followed the same path throughout. Her list is the epitome of the Virtue of Justice. Only at the end of the last episode did her resolve change as far as her list goes, but I have a feeling her sense of Justice for the people of King's Landing may carry her through the final episode of the series. It could be argued that her loyalty toward her family might trump her courage, but from the get-go she has always had the courage to be different from her sister, love her half-brother (cousin) like a brother, etc. She's far more courageous than loyal.
    Virtues (in order of those followed): Justice, Courage, Loyalty (Family), Prowess, Fortitude, Franchise, Charity, Honesty, Gallantry, Mercy, Courtesy
    (aka The Spider)
    Varys is also somewhat easy. Like Arya, his loyalty toward the betterment of the Realm existed back in season 1/book 1 and this hasn't wavered. He is loyal to the realm alone, it's his driving motivation. Screw everyone else. He does care about saving his own skin and he's pretty smart about it. He can't serve the Realm dead. After this, it gets harder to judge him and the virtue pool becomes murky, In addition to loyalty, he has great courage to act in the face of death, as was depicted in the last episode and he's lasted this long, so he has great fortitude.
    Virtues (in order of those followed): Loyalty (the Realm), Courage, Fortitude, Franchise, Courtesy, Honesty, Charity, Prowess, Mercy, Gallantry, Justice

    Discuss, or add your own!
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