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    Found a helpful blog called Reedsy with some great posts about character and story development. Here is a list of articles I found especially useful:

    Do you have any resources you use to develop your character or plots? If so list them below!


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    I think I'm way more basic, maybe to my detriment. When I create a character, I write down a list of flaws I want them to have, along with any fears they're predisposed to having due to their backstory. I always build a very simple backstory around the memory I'm given in character generation, to try to make it personal but also something I can expand upon if events happen that make it so I can broaden it in any way with occasional glimpses of memories or the past. I also write down a list of goals for any character and what qualities I want them to be known for. So like Josie can be impatient after a few times of trying to get through to someone, but I want her to be remembered for compassion which creates an internal struggle that I can play out IG. Finally, I tend to let character development and any plot development be influenced by the people who RP with my characters IG. If my character is afraid of the dark and someone takes the time to try to help her with it, then there is character progression. I don't tend to actively seek someone to help me with my flaws or fears IG though, as I believe it's something people should pick up on as they get to know a character as an individual and address or not as they see fit and/or are interested in doing. Plots I try to work around the people who are likely to be interested, or should realistically be involved in them, even if it's not necessarily in my character's best interest to do so. I'm better at playing a small role in them than running them though, if I'm being honest. It's definitely an area I want to work on, so I'll be excited to take a look at the links you posted when I have more free time!
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