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  • Priorities

    Aside from checking scrolls what is one of the first things on your character's to-do list?

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    1. Check her calendar.
    2. Change into appropriate clothing.
    3. Check her To Do list.
    4. Examine her purse to see what needs actioning.
    5. Read the bulletins on the bridge and the chronicles in the library.
    6. Check the images in the waters and orbs to see where people are.


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      1. Regret waking up
      2. Remembering to check for warrants
      3. Do rounds
      4. Awkwardly attempt to socialize
      5. Create unnecessary work to avoid further socializing
      6. Do rounds
      7. Rinse and repeat

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        Originally posted by Charmiam View Post
        1. Check her calendar.
        2. Change into appropriate clothing.
        3. Check her To Do list.
        4. Examine her purse to see what needs actioning.
        5. Read the bulletins on the bridge and the chronicles in the library.
        6. Check the images in the waters and orbs to see where people are.
        I love that checking her to-do list is third on her to-do list.
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          1. Check his dress. What is he going to be doing today, and dress accordingly.
          2. Check his inventory. Like, constantly. I'm very fastidious (OCD) about what he's holding in his hands (this is usually nothing).
          3. Review his folders to see what's coming up, any correspondence he needs to send, etc.
          4. Tidy up his room and wardrobe.
          5. Head out and check scrolls.

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            1. Tidy her hair
            2. Sometimes apply cosmetics
            3. Forget to check her hands
            4. Go to the courier
            5. Ignore scrolls
            6. Then she is ready for her day.

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              1. Make sure she's clothed.
              2. Sneak out of the inner without being seen.
              3. Sneak around the outer without being seen.
              4. Stalk courier (I suspect they are hoarding scrolls somewhere.)
              5. Figure out what she wants to work on.

              And then random stuff like following cats/couriers to see where they go.


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                0. Is there an adventure? Then go adventure!
                1. Get scrolls
                2. Answer scrolls
                3. "Greetings, denizens!"
                4. Remembering sessions
                5. Practice
                6. Language lessons
                7. Tell rousing stories of the past
                8. Make Diana smile (always last but never least)
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                  1. Deliberate over how long she has been wearing her current outfit, likely change it for something new.
                  2. Fix hair
                  3. Apply makeup (if desired)
                  4. Read through the scrolls on her person to see which ones she needs to respond to; put the ones she wants to keep in her bookcase, keep the ones to answer in her purse
                  5. Check the inbox/outbox in the Household
                  6. Gather up any trash from the suite and take it to the chute
                  7. Check and answer scrolls (sometimes just check due to RL time constraints)
                  8. Visit the hunting grounds (when open)
                  9. Meditate at the altar or socialize for a bit and then meditate at the altar (depends on who she runs into)
                  10. Take a bath
                  11. Feel guilty for procrastinating on art projects she really wants to get done
                  12. Read nice scrolls or inspirational messages people have sent her over time; miss some people, chide herself for others.
                  13. Go to bed

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                    1. Change her clothes (usually).
                    2. Transfer items to her new purse (and likely forget something important).
                    3. Wander to check scrolls.
                    4. Mosey to bridge to check for forms.
                    5. Inevitably realize she's forgotten that important something and go back for it (hating all the stairs the entire way).
                    6. Find someone for conversation.
                    7. Drink some tea (while wishing it were wine).
                    8. Hold bells (maybe).
                    9. Bug her teachers for lessons.
                    10. Head to bed.
                    11. Rinse and repeat.


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                      1) Dress into a new outfit, new jewelry and style her hair.
                      2) Check inbox and check with courier.
                      3) Linger in public areas in the inner in the case someone wanders in to chat with (because rp is always nice in an rp game, lol).
                      4) See at least one of her house members (usually Auriela) for news and updates.
                      5) Linger some more if there isn't an open bell, social or event to attend.
                      6) Idle because I grow bored and start looking at other screens (which I'm trying to break that habit) and then someone shows up to rp and I miss it.
                      7) Add notes to housefile (twiki), review plans for socials to host.
                      8) Return to household, change into a lounging gown or nightgown, have a glass of wine.
                      9) Log off and repeat the following day.


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                        1. wake too late in the day
                        2. run around like a crazy over-committed person
                        3. meet people who offer me this role and that position
                        4. seriously consider additional roles and addtional positions proving just how crazy I really am
                        5. despair over size of to do list
                        6. stay up too late into the night
                        7. fall into bed

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