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'Heavenly Light Turns Out to be Celestial Trash'

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  • 'Heavenly Light Turns Out to be Celestial Trash'

    Heavenly light turns out to be celestial trash
    Last Updated Thu, 28 Nov 2002 18:10:57
    VANCOUVER - A ball of fire that streaked across the skies of southern British Columbia Thursday morning was just space debris.

    The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) told the Canadian military the burning light came from a Russian rocket re-entering the atmosphere.

    Canadian Forces spokesperson Gerry Pash says nothing went wrong with the rocket and called it a straight forward re-entry.

    Pash says the space debris could be seen across much of Western Canada and perhaps as far inland as Montana.

    Written by CBC News Online staff
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    Heavenly light turns out to be celestial trash.
    The obvious moral of the story being:

    'All that glitters is not God'.

    The yoke or the throne?


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      ....Is it just me, or is there absolutely no difference between Maya and Sorcha, save gender?


      Originally penned by Dionar
      Ryot was a mistake, and it was corrected. Threads have been locked because the conversation degraded into personal attacks and name calling.


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        I agree. They're both pretty awesome.