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Worst flaw?

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  • Worst flaw?

    Just wondering if anyone would care to share. I think my worst flaw when it comes to Marrach and dealing with people is my very foul temper. I let things stack up then get angry in general, often blowing up at the wrong people. (As some of you could attest to. )

    In real life, I'd say my complete lack of self motivation for my personal gain. o.O And making occasional comments that really hurt others' feelings even if that wasn't my intention.

    So, what are your flaws? Envy, greediness, vainity?


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    I take criticism really badly. I tend to take things personally and get hurt too easily when that wasnt the intention of the person.

    Thats probably my worst flaw...


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      Worst flaw in Marrach - Can be curt and unwilling to join in all the time.

      Worst flaw in real life - Too much time on the computer.

      I know there are dozens of others, but these will do.
      Charlott Amonte


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        I am way too proud. Hard hard time forgiving people.

        My worst fault indeed. Lost many people I loved because of this. But it is easy to recognize the problem, not to solve it.

        - Errare Humanum Est, Ignoscere Divinum -


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          Worst flaw IG = Love fun too much, not willing to suck up and be polite constantly (Therefore, will likely get nowhere)

          Worst flaw in RL = Take things too lightly ^_^
          Kyramor G'lendaele


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            - Empathy.
            - Compassion.
            - The inability to hate as many people as I should. Damn me for being weak.
            - Fearing eternity.
            - Blindly loving humanity.

            The rest of me is with out imperfection, of course.
            "Four A.M. knows all my secrets."


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              You're sweet. And these are not flaws! Trust me.
              - Errare Humanum Est, Ignoscere Divinum -


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                Stix's worst flaw is that he tries to be too simple. He tries not to get involved in anything that is, in his eyes, remotely trivial.

                My IG flaw, generally, is that I can sometimes have a knee-jerk reactions. I'm getting better at this though. I'll purposefully sit back and watch something and let my feelings develop before I respond.

                My RL flaw is that I procrastinate. Though, I'm going to try and fix that this semester with school.


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                  My flaws:

                  1. Mortality.
                  2. Compassion.
                  3. Any form of emotions, at all.
                  4. The gigantic canyon-esque dent in my chest.
                  5. My massive amounts of body-hair, reminiscent of "Harry", from "Harry and the Hendersons".
                  6. My lack of muscle.
                  7. My lack of weight.

                  There. A nice, even, 7.
                  Originally penned by Dionar
                  Ryot was a mistake, and it was corrected. Threads have been locked because the conversation degraded into personal attacks and name calling.


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                    Outspokenly honest.

                    I apologise, I don't speak pineapple.
                    -- little red dinosaur


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                      Heh..whether IG or RL my worse flaws are the same...

                      Can't stay at one place too long. Get easily mad or pissed off at someone real quickly too. And when im mad I have the tendency to vent my anger to someone i love so much and then come running back to him when i feel much better..heh

                      Women does that alot...i think?



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                        Worst flaws IC: Being a loner, and apathy.

                        Worst flaws IRL: Being a loner, moodiness, and naivety, but at the same time, distrust of others.


                        - Mike X
                        Our princess is in another castle!


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                          Let's see, worst flaw IC so far: Being bored to easy and flitting from here to there

                          Flaw in RL: Ahh Nasty ass temper, lazy , Late alll the damn time, too freakin' nice (always willing to go out of my way to help someone out, often puts me in a bad situation ), too much time on computer *nod nod* Lol

                          That's me! Wee!

                          If you didn't see me, I didn't do it!

                          Where there was once love, embers still glow and you need only to fan them back to roaring life!

                          May true love find you wherever you roam.



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                            Does idiocy count?



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                              Mistaking potential for actuality and intention for character.
                              The yoke or the throne?



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